24. June 2024.
Ten years of Stada Health Report
Stada Health Report 2024, with 46,000 respondents from 23 countries including Serbia, is the most comprehensive online international research of its kind within the pharmaceutical industry.
06. June 2024.
National Unity on Organ Donor Necessary
Serbia marks the National Donor Day with the list of more than 2,000 people still waiting for the most important call in life, for a donor and organ transplant.
31. May 2024.
64 Years of Successful Operation and Development of Hemofarm
Pharmaceutical leader keeps on setting new records with 347 million packs or 7.8 billion units produced in 2023.
14. March 2024.
STADA continues with double-digit sales and profit growth in 2023
Group adjusted sales increased by 14% in 2023; adjusted EBITDA improved by 19%...
07. March 2024.
Get Yourself Checked and Do Something Good for Yourself
The month of March in our region is mostly the month of flowers, candies and various gifts.
20. February 2024.
STADA Health Report: 81 percent of Europeans are open towards genetic testing
Preventive health measures are part of everyday life for many Europeans – whether it is a healthy diet, exercise or check-ups at the doctor. With genetic testing, we can now even calculate potential future health risks more accurately and offer more suitable treatment for certain medical conditions.
22. January 2024.
STADA Health Report 2023: Severe lack in knowledge about painkillers despite frequent use
Half of Europeans (53 percent) take painkillers at least once a month, 1 in 4 at least weekly
18. January 2024.
Hemofarm awarded as Top Employer in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the third time in a row
For the third time in a row, Hemofarm has been named a Top Employer in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina...
15. December 2023.
STADA Health Report 2023: 46 percent of young Europeans feel Covid is responsible for their weakened immune system
• 35 percent of Europeans feel more susceptible to colds than before
• More than half of Europeans (59 percent) would still pursue intimacy...
08. December 2023.
Hemofarm Achieves Double-digit Growth in 2023
As a result of an ongoing investment in all the resources, Hemofarm has achieved a double-digit growth with 7.8 billion produced units in 2023
05. December 2023.
STADA EXPO in Banjaluka - The future starts now
The company Hemofarm presented, a unique STADA EXPO multimedia platform dedicated to sustainable development in the university campus (Studenski Grad) in Banja Luka.
04. December 2023.
Hemofarm plans new investments of EUR 100 million
Hemofarm is planning new investments in the amount of almost 100 million euros, and this year they expect double-digit growth...
28. November 2023.
Hemofarm has presented its unique STADA EXPO multimedia platform dedicated to sustainable development to the citizens of Šabac...
23. November 2023.
STADA Health Report 2023: Europeans cut back on fresh food and fear medicine shortages
Europeans cut back on health spending: 25 percent reduced their expenses for fresh food and sports...
07. November 2023.
Health is Calling You Telling you to Get Checked
The bill that men can pay due to irregular medical examinations can be very high, and the charges can be lifelong.
19. October 2023.
STADA Health Report 2023: Mental Health of Europeans Is Improving
Representative survey with over 32,000 respondents from 16 European countries...
04. October 2023.
Together with Stada Expo Towards Sustainable Future
Hemofarm has presented its unique STADA EXPO multimedia platform dedicated to sustainable development...
26. September 2023.
30 Years of Hemofarm Foundation
Our Hemofarm Foundation marks 30 years of operation during which it implemented over 2,300 activities worth around 14 million Euro...
19. September 2023.
STADA Health Report 2023: A Lack of Prevention Is Eroding Europeans’ Health
STADA Health Report 2023: representative survey of around 32,000 respondents in 16 European countries...
15. August 2023.
STADA's excellent results in H1 2023 indicate a record annual profit of €1 bn, driven by Consumer Healthcare and Specialty
STADA continued its track record of double-digit sales and profit growth during the first half of 2023.
29. June 2023.
Probiotic Marked 20 Years on Serbian Market
In presence of a number of distinguished guests, the PROBIOTIC brand of Hemofarm marked 20 years on the market at the Madlena Palace of Art. .
06. June 2023.
Serbia marks the National Donor Day
Serbia marks June 6, the National Donor Day, while at the same time almost 2.000 people are awaiting their donor and call for organ transplantation.
01. June 2023.
Hemofarm celebrates 63 years of business operations with new records
Hemofarm, the regional pharmaceutical leader that produced a record 308 million packages of finished products...
24. April 2023.
’The Most Important Call in Life’ Campaign to Lead to a Higher Number of Donors and Transplants
Hemofarm Group and its Foundation is relaunching the campaign for increasing the number of donors and transplantations...
29. March 2023.
Hemofarm – Reliable Partner of the Healthcare System of Serbia
The company Hemofarm, the leader in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia and the neighbouring region, marked the fifth anniversary of the innovative drug Corpos...
15. March 2023.
PROven and Reliable Safeguard of Health for the Whole Family Already for 20 Years
o you know that every 20 seconds someone needs an effective Probiotic...
08. March 2023.
Gender equality has long been a part of our daily life and a guarantee of our good business results
Women account for the majority of Hemofarm employees, as much as 54.5% of the total number...
06. March 2023.
STADA sustains strong momentum with double-digit sales and profit growth in 2022
STADA sustains growth trajectory in 2022 with growth of 11% in sales and 17 % in EBITDA...
23. February 2023.
Hemofarm Celebrates 20 Years of Work of the Banja Luka Pharmaceutical Factory
Hemofarm company, pharmaceutical leader in BiH and this region, marked the 20th anniversary of founding the pharmaceutical solid dosage forms factory in Banjaluka.
26. January 2023.
Sustainable Development as the Only Chance for Survival
For years back, Hemofarm has been breaking production records, while intensively reducing the consumption of electric power and natural gas...
18. January 2023.
Hemofarm recognised as a Top Employer in 2023 in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro
For the second consecutive year Hemofarm has received a recognition as a Top Employer, which is awarded by the Top Employers Institute...
10. January 2023.
Sustainable development is a mirror of our future
Today, Hemofarm is recognized as one of the leaders of sustainable development in Serbia and the region...
27. December 2022.
STADA ranks among top 10% of pharma firms on sustainability
STADA continues to make strong progress on delivering on its sustainability vision, an independent assessment has confirmed...
21. December 2022.
10 million euros for the expansion of production
Hemofarm, the leader in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia and the surrounding region, one of the ten largest exporters in Serbia...
19. December 2022.
STADA Health Report 2022: Care of Nutrition is the Foundation of Health
36% of Serbian citizens admit that they do not care enough about their diet, and 43% of them complain of indigestion...
16. December 2022.
Hemofarm’s Female Mentorship Program: ‘Unique and Important’
The company Hemofarm initiated the mentorship program ‘Unique and Important’ intended to women doing business...
09. December 2022.
62 years of Hemofarm’s business leadership
Hemofarm has continued its growth journey also in 2022, ending the year with exceptional business results, as shared at a cocktail party hosted by the regional pharmaceutical industry leader ...
05. December 2022.
Solution for sore throat: Panthenol oriblets, new product in Hemofarm’s portfolio
Panthenol oriblets have recently been launched and they are sold in the market of Serbia and Republic of North Macedonia...
15. November 2022.
Hemofarm Presents the Tenth Jubilee Sustainable Development Report for 2021
Under the slogan ‘Guardian of a sustainable present and a more certain future’, Hemofarm has presented the results from the year 2021...
08. November 2022.
STADA Health Report 2022: Europeans worried about flu season
According to a health survey by the company Stada, which included over 30,000 respondents in 15 countries...
27. September 2022.
STADA’s First Hackathon Held in Serbia
STADA Global Information Systems in Serbia (STADA GIS Serbia), in collaboration with Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ICT hub)...
06. September 2022.
Stada Health Report 2022: People in Serbia don’t sleep because of fears and bad thoughts
As many as 78 percent of Europeans hardly manage to sleep through the night, warns Stada’s Health survey...
26. August 2022.
Strong Market Performance Led Stada to Double-Digit Growth
Stada, within which the company Hemofarm operates, demonstrated its resilience in a challenging business environment marked...
08. July 2022.
STADA Health Report 2022: Corona Raised Levels of Stress but also Awareness of Importance of Healthy Lifestyles
For the ninth year in a row, the multinational corporation STADA is organizing a public opinion poll of the European population regarding health habits and attitudes towards health...
08. July 2022.
STADA Health Report 2022
Self-assessed burnout rates at all-time high; stress levels have increased; more than one in three are struggling with sleep...
01. June 2022.
Hemofarm marks 62nd anniversary
Hemofarm company has marked 62 years of successful operation and continuous growth under the slogan ‘Humanity is the Cure’...
13. April 2022.
Hemofarm Wins VIRTUS Special Award for ’Unbreakable’ Campaign
Hemofarm is the winner of the VIRTUS special award of the Trag Foundation for the last year’s most innovative project, for the ’Unbreakable’ campaign...
22. March 2022.
STADA’s 2021 above-market development strengthens base for further growth, especially in Consumer Healthcare and Specialty
STADA resilient in difficult COVID environment with reported 8% sales growth and increased profits in 2021...
24. February 2022.
Ronald Seeliger, Second Vice President of AmCham Board of Governors in Serbia
CEO of Hemofarm, Dr. Ronald Seeliger was elected second vice president of the AmCham Board of Governors in Serbia...
07. February 2022.
Hemofarm receives the prestigious ‘Top Employer’ Serbia, B&H and Montenegro certificate for 2022
Owing to the conditions provided to the employees in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, the Top Employers Institute has ranked Hemofarm among the top employers in these three countries
14. December 2021.
Even More Extensive Offer of Medicines to Patients and Consumers in Serbia
Hemofarm, which operates within STADA Group, has undertaken to distribute and market the portfolio of the Consumer Healthcare brands of the company Sanofi...
30. November 2021.
Local Pharmaceutical Giant Headed to the Top of the World
Ronald Seeliger, the CEO of Hemofarm, spoke for Blic about the continuous investments of Stada Group and one of the main reasons why Hemofarm has been breaking its own records year after year.
29. November 2021.
Health Report: STADA Figure of the Month
Remote treatment, Dr. Google, digitisation: corona causes permanent change on our health behavior – STADA Health Report
10. October 2021.
When "don't get sick" becomes a mantra
It comes as no surprise that the fear of falling ill has increased during the past year...
29. September 2021.
Hemofarm Presented the Sustainability Report for 2020
In the year when the survival of humankind was put to the test, Hemofarm persisted in its sustainable development efforts
26. August 2021.
STADA continues to outpace the market in H1 and strengthens basis for further growth
STADA achieved 5% adjusted sales growth to EUR1.5 billion in the first half of 2021 versus a market decline of -1.8%.
27. July 2021.
STADA and Sanofi strike consumer healthcare distribution agreement in selected countries in Europe
Sanofi will distribute its consumer healthcare portfolio through STADA in 20 countries across Europe...
25. June 2021.
From Hemofarm’s Panel Discussion ’Year of Changes – Health, Pandemic, Lessons Learned’
An appeal to the citizens to get vaccinated, Let's welcome autumn with herd immunity
18. June 2021.
Super Story #6 – Living Legend of Sales in Hemofarm
’Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’, Confucius, a Chinese philosopher said...
17. June 2021.
STADA Health Report 2021
A year that changed Europe’s health landscape
01. June 2021.
Hemofarm celebrates 61st birthday
Hemofarm announced this year's plans to invest as much as 40 million euros in plants, new equipment and implementation of the latest standards in pharma industry.
11. May 2021.
Coldrex Now Available from Hemofarm
Hemofarm, which operates within STADA Group, expands its portfolio of Consumer Healthcare products in Serbia, and now offers Coldrex...
11. May 2021.
Super Story #5 – Warehouse Operations Service and Quality: Where there’s will, there’s solution, too.
SUPER Story #5 comes from Technical Operations, more precisely from the Warehouse Operations Service and Quality Control.
07. May 2021.
Sanda Savić Wins this Year’s Kapetan Miša Anastasijević Award
Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications of Hemofarm, is the winner of this year’s Kapetan Miša Anastasijević Award...
26. April 2021.
Serbia is under a threat of a red mental alarm
Hemofarm Foundation launches the campaign ’UNBREAKABLE’ for preserving mental health and fighting the growing depression.
09. April 2021.
Super Story #4 - Pharmacy in virtual world - No, it is not SF. It is Hemofarm.
Hemofarm has a long tradition of using new technologies. It has never been a company lagging behind, but just the opposite...
02. April 2021.
TV Spot ’Life Wins With Us’ is the Winner of the Disrupt Award for 2020
Hemofarm’s TV spot, which has marked its 60th jubilee anniversary, has been awarded in the 'Health and Pharmaceutical Industry' category at this year's Disrupt festival 2020...
30. March 2021.
Super Story #3 – Internal Communications – a Trusted Channel
The notion of internal communications in a company is actually about the efficiency of its employees, their satisfaction and work motivation...
19. March 2021.
Super Story #2 – Integrity in Business as a Guiding Star
New SUPER story takes us to Hemofarm Banja Luka. Let us introduce to our colleague Bilja Grkavac and find out, through her story...
11. March 2021.
STADA shows resilience with double-digit growth in 2020
STADA continues its strong growth journey with double-digit sales...
04. March 2021.
Hemofarm Employees in Campaign ‘Tree for Belgrade’
Advocating sustainable values and ideas, Hemofarm employees supported the ‘Tree for Belgrade’ campaign by planting six seedlings on the right bank of the Sava River.
24. February 2021.
SUPER STORY #1 – Heroes among us
We bring you the story of a team which, with its experience and commitment, has enabled Hemofarm to stay safe and truly strong even in the most difficult circumstances of the global pandemic.
18. February 2021.
We Must be Ready to Change
Interview for Nova Ekonomija: Tatjana Jovanović, Director of Human Resources of Hemofarm
28. December 2020.
Caring for people and resources yields business success
Hemofarm publishes Sustainable Development Report for 2019...
21. December 2020.
Keeping Trust Through Health Preservation
Hemofarm’s Greatest Success in 2020
17. November 2020.
Dangerous gaps in knowledge: One third of Europeans believe that antibiotics fight viruses
“Antimicrobials: handle with care” - With this appeal, the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (18-24 November)...
06. October 2020.
Hemofarm’s new competition for students and graduates
We create leaders who change the world for the better
29. September 2020.
World Heart Day: Europeans underestimate the consequences of a heart attack
September 29 is "World Heart Day". This is an initiative of the international World Heart Federation (WHF), to which heart foundations and medical societies belong.
07. September 2020.
Strategic partnership between Mercator-S and Hemofarm
Zdravoteka in more than a 100 IDEA, RODA and Mercator shops
11. August 2020.
Look into the future: “Polypill” divides Europe
Taking a “polypill” every day to prevent potential cardiovascular illnesses when older?
29. July 2020.
STADA Health Report 2020: One in five Europeans expects rapid return to normal
One in five Europeans surveyed expects a rapid return to normal in the second half of this year with no serious financial crisis...
19. June 2020.
CEO of Stada Group Visited Hemofarm
Shortly after easing of the security measures across the Stada Group, CEO Peter Goldschmidt visited Hemofarm's headquarters in Vršac...
17. June 2020.
STADA Health Report 2020: Europe demands compulsory vaccinations
The second international STADA Health Report shows how people in Europe handle future-oriented health topics...
06. June 2020.
TV RTS1 – ’Šarenica’ talk show
In the jubilee year and in its anniversary week, Hemofarm company hosted the traditional Serbian TV show ’Šarenica’.
01. June 2020.
TV appearances on morning shows on the occasion of the Company’s 60th anniversary
Celebrating the 60th jubilee of Hemofarm, we were guests on the televisions with highest ratings, sending a message that #LifeWinsWithUs for full six decades.
01. June 2020.
Regional Pharmaceutical Leader Marks Its 60th Birthday
Hemofarm – A Success Story on Longevity, Records and Patient-Tailored Medicines
04. May 2020.
Hemofarm Donated Medical Equipment in Value of EUR 400,000
In addition to securing the supply of medicines in Serbia, the regional pharmaceutical leader, Hemofarm, and its parent company, STADA...
22. April 2020.
Guest appearance on TV N1
Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, spoke about the fight against the coronavirus, the importance of prevention, as well as about the significant help of Hemofarm to healthcare institutions in the region in these difficult circumstances.
17. March 2020.
Caring for People’s Health as a Trusted Partner
In line with our purpose ‘caring for people’s health as a trusted partner’, we at STADA are aware of the uncertainty that the evolving coronavirus COVID-19 situation is creating...
13. March 2020.
Coronavirus – what we need to know to protect ourselves and those around us
Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses which may cause many illnesses, ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases...
22. January 2020.
New Hospital Beds for the Emergency Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia
Last year alone, Hemofarm donated equipment and medicines worth RSD 20 million to healthcare institutions...
05. December 2019.
Hemofarm sets a triple record in 2019
Hemofarm, the regional leader in the pharmaceutical industry, ends the year 2019 with maximum output...
30. October 2019.
Hemofarm Presents the Sustainable Development Report for 2018
‘Let’s Create the Wave of Sustainable Values’ is a call sent out to entire society by Hemofarm company through its seventh-in-a-row Report on Sustainable Development at the event in Vršac...
31. May 2019.
Hemofarm Marks 59 Years of Successful Operation
The leader in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia and the region and one of the largest exporters in Serbia, Hemofarm marked 59 years of successful operations.
15. May 2019.
STADA Health Report 2019
Half of Europeans are ready for Dr Robot and treatments via webcam...
27. March 2019.
Delegation of the German Eastern Business Association Visits Hemomont
Already on the first day of its stay in the Montenegrin capital, the Delegation of the German Eastern Business Association visited Hemomont...
01. March 2019.
We Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac
Exactly 25 years ago, production of antibiotics started at the production site in Dubovac...
28. February 2019.
Sustainable Business from Point of View of Professor Đorđija Petkoski
Owing to quality projects of Hemofarm employees, participation in Ideas4Action competition...
06. February 2019.
Towards a New EU Falsified Medicines Directive
After three years of intensive work and an investment worth about five million euros, Hemofarm is readily waiting for the EU Falsified Medicines Directive to take effect on 9th of February...
13. December 2018.
Hemofarm Donated Beds to Emergency Centre
Hemofarm dated additional 20 hospital beds to the Emergency Centre of the Serbian Clinical Centre, in the value of RSD 4.6 million. The beds will be used in at Intensive Care Unit...
06. December 2018.
Hemofarm – Again a Leader
Regional pharmaceutical leader, Hemofarm, will complete yet another successful year, 2018: the company has reconfirmed the last year’s record by producing 5.5 billion tablets, with record production volumes in the plants of Banja Luka, Šabac and Podgorica...
23. November 2018.
The German ambassador visits Hemofarm
The new German Ambassador to Serbia, Thomas Schieb, visited Hemofarm company, member of Stada Group, and he pointed out on that occasion that Germany is the longest-standing and one of the biggest economic partners of Serbia...
02. November 2018.
Hemofarm Presented the Sustainability Report for 2017
The company Hemofarm issued its sixth Sustainability Report in a row and confirmed its leading position in this field...
16. October 2018.
Hemofarm Participated in the UN Sustainable Development Debate
Hemofarm is the only company from Serbia and this part of Europe that has had an opportunity to participate, side by side with the biggest global companies such as Google, in this year’s United Nations Debate dedicated to sustainable development...
16. October 2018.
Hemofarm Supports the National Campaign ’You are not Alone’
Hemofarm is one of the three companies that supported the project ’You are not Alone’ presented in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia...
04. October 2018.
Pharmaceutical clean room opened at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade
Owing to a donation made by 17 companies headed by the pharmaceutical company Hemofarm, the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy today obtained a pharmaceutical clean room...
03. September 2018.
Peter Goldschmidt to succeed Claudio Albrecht as STADA’s CEO
Peter Goldschmidt (53) succeeded Claudio Albrecht as the Chief Executive Officer of STADA Arzneimittel AG (‘STADA’ or ‘the Group’) with effect from September 1, 2018.
11. July 2018.
Hemomont opens a new "Snup" plant in Podgorica
‘Hemomont’, the first pharmaceutical factory in Montenegro, a Hemofarm and STADA Group member company, has officially opened a new plant for production of sterile nasal sprays ‘SNUP’ in Podgorica...
28. June 2018.
Strategic expansion of OTC portfolio continues
STADA acquires EMEA rights to global anti-dandruff brand Nizoral from Janssen Pharmaceutica
19. June 2018.
Superbrands Award for Hemofarm’s Probiotic
The company Hemofarm has won the award ‘Superbrands Serbia 2017-2018’ in the category of pharmaceutical products for the brand Probiotic...
01. June 2018.
Hemofarm Celebrated 58 Years of Successful Operation
Further Investments in New Plants and Modernization of Business
14. May 2018.
Hemofarm – The Best Brand in Pharmacy and the Best Employer
The regional pharmaceutical leader Hemofarm has won the Top Serbian Brands award for 2017 in two categories – the best corporate brand in the area of pharmacy and the best employer...
05. April 2018.
World Health Day – STADA supports “Health for all”
Every year WHO proclaims a motto for World Health Day on April 7th. This year's subject is "Universal health coverage" (UHC)...
01. April 2018.
"Career in Pharmacy 2018" Project
In the capacity of a partner, Hemofarm AD participated in the Career in Pharmacy 2018 Project, held at the Belgrade Faculty of Pharmacy on 29th and 30th March…
28. February 2018.
Sochi Gold for Our Marina
Karate club ’Zadrugar’ from Lazarevo near Zrenjanin is only local in terms of geography, because its members are international heroes...
05. February 2018.
Big Success of Vršac-based Pharmaceutical Giant
Belgrade, 5 February 2018 – The largest pharmaceutical company in the region, Vršac-based Hemofarm, has become the main STADA Group’s hub for the Central and Eastern European markets
08. December 2017.
Hemofarm confirms its leading position in 2017
On December 7, the company "Hemofarm" organized the New Year’s cocktail party for its partners and associates, while the message of the CEO Ronald Seeliger was that the company would remain the reliable partner to the healthcare system in Serbia, state, local community and the overall society...
24. November 2017.
Hemofarm – New Member of Global UN Compact
This November, Hemofarm was admitted to membership in the United Nations Global Compact, a worldwide network of socially responsible companies and organisations active in 162 countries which promotes 10 principles on which its initiatives are founded...
15. November 2017.
Serbian Citizens See Germany as the Most Desirable Investor
The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce presented the results of the survey ’Serbian Citizens’ Perceptions of German Economy and Investments’ in Belgrade on November 14th, 2017, indicating that Germany is the most desirable investor and desired employer for Serbian citizens...
15. November 2017.
Hemofarm Receives Recognition for Non-financial Reporting
The Responsible Business Forum, representing a network of socially responsible companies, presented a recognition to Hemofarm for contribution to the development of non-financial reporting in Serbia on 4 November 2017...
26. October 2017.
Certificate of Appreciation for Hemofarm
Marking its 50th anniversary, the Novi Sad Health Centre held a solemn ceremony on 25th October 2017. On that occasion, Veselin Bojat, Director of this institution, presented Hemofarm A.D. a Certificate of Appreciation as a symbol of long-lasting cooperation and support...
19. October 2017.
Hemofarm - Promoter of Sustainable Development in the Southeast Europe
Hemofarm presented its annual Sustainability Report for 2016 on October 19th in an event organized for partners and representatives of the media on a ship...
28. September 2017.
New Management of Company STADA Appointed
Dr. Claudio Albrecht appointed CEO and Mark Keatley CFO of STADA Arzneimittel AG. Five new Supervisory Board members appointed. Supervisory Board elects Dr. Günter von Au as new Chairman.
18. August 2017.
Minimum acceptance threshold for STADA takeover by Bain Capital and Cinven reached
Nidda Healthcare Holding AG, the acquiring company of Bain Capital und Cinven, announced today that the minimum acceptance threshold set by the bidder at 63 percent in the offer document published on July 19, 2017 was reached...
03. August 2017.
STADA Group business results in Q2 and the first six months of 2017
STADA shows good operational development in first six months of 2017
20. April 2017.
STADA and Hemofarm on the Path to Further Growth and Development
German STADA and Hemofarm, as its important part, are entering a new chapter in the development, following the decision of the Executive and Supervisory Board of STADA to accept the offer of the two globally respected equity funds Bain Capital and Cinven for the acquisition of shares worth EUR 5.318
31. March 2017.
German Ambassador Supported ’The Most Important Call in Life’
German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittmann and the actors of Atelje 212 as well as participants of the Belgrade Dance Festival signed the donor cards at the ceremony organized by Hemofarm Foundation as the continuation of the campaign ’The Most Important Call in Life’.
30. March 2017.
Red Dresses – A Heart-Preserving Code
‘Colour in Red. Wholeheartedly’ has not been only the name of the humanitarian fashion show organized by Hemofarm Foundation and Klik Agency within the Belgrade Fashion Week,
17. March 2017.
President of Republika Srpska in a Meeting with Representatives of Hemofarm
President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, held a meeting with representatives of Hemofarm and wished them success in their future work.
17. March 2017.
Two Awards for the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Two awards given by the magazine Diplomacy&Commerce were received, on behalf of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, by its President, dr Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group for South East Europe.
02. March 2017.
Customs Administration’s Recognition Awarded to Hemofarm
Hemofarm was granted World Customs Organization’s Recognition which Customs Administration awarded to Hemofarm for long-term cooperation, stable and reliable partnership.
28. February 2017.
Hemofarm – Example of Successful German Investment
The Minister-President of the German Federal State of Hesse, Volker Bouffier visited the headquarters of the company Hemofarm in Vršac with his associates, during the state visit to the Republic of Serbia.
20. February 2017.
Hemofarm – An Example of Social Justice
On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, Aleksandar Vulin, has visited Hemofarm’s manufacturing complex in Vršac.
10. February 2017.
NEW from Hemofarm – Marissimo Line of Nasal and Throat Sprays
New product line in Hemofarm portfolio, Marissimo, has recently available in the Serbian market! It is a unique and innovative range of nasal and throat sprays.
09. February 2017.
Hemofarm had Best Communication with Media in 2016
Together with companies Laguna and Vulkan, Hemofarm had the best communication with Media in 2016 in the category of profit organisations.
26. January 2017.
Hemofarm Employees in Blood Donation Drive
Employees of Hemofarm AD and Hemofarm Foundation have massively responded to the call of competent healthcare institutions and donated blood voluntarily.
21. January 2017.
Hemofarm Wins VIRTUS Main Award for Philanthropy
Hemofarm is the winner of VIRTUS Main Award for corporate contribution at the national level for campaign supporting organ donation and transplantation programme in Serbia – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE.
13. January 2017.
Dubovac breaks its own record!
Our antibiotics factory in Dubovac has scored a record output for the fifth consecutive year. Though the smallest in size within Hemofram Group, the team of 68 employees is among the best record-holders.
14. December 2016.
Hemofarm Foundation Wins an Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year
Hemofarm Foundation is the winner of the Annual Award for Socially Responsible Company of the Year awarded by the Serbian Association of Managers.
02. December 2016.
Victory of Good Ideas
The regional pharmaceutical industry leader, Hemofarm, closes this year with good news. In addition to a record-breaking output, several tens of millions euro worth investments and huge confidence of the consumers in more than 38 countries on three continents, this year Hemofarm also rounds...
30. November 2016.
Prime Minister of Serbia Hemofarm’s guest at the opening of the Quality building
On the occasion of STADA officially becoming the majority owner of Hemofarm, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittman toured the Quality building.
09. November 2016.
Medicines for Three Continents from the Heart of Mačva
Hemofarm’s Šabac-based Plant, an important chain in the system of the regional pharmaceutical leader, has celebrated four decades of successful business operations.
14. October 2016.
Hemofarm Awards the Best Architectural Project
The company Hemofarm has organized on the premises of its seat in Belgrade an exhibition of architectural works that have participated in the competition for reconstruction of its Business Centre.
31. August 2016.
The Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has received patients today, who are on the waiting list for organ transplantation and have been included in the mission of raising awareness of the donorship importance through the campaign the MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE in recent months.
22. August 2016.
New Acquisition of Hemofarm: Asset purchase agreement signed with the ‘Ivancic i sinovi’
Regional pharmaceutical leader, Hemofarm AD, has acquired the assets of the company ‘Ivancic i sinovi’. This move was initiated, inter alia, by the wish to additionally help the healthcare system of Serbia through the improvement of the market supply with high-quality and available medicines.
03. August 2016.
The German Ambassador to Serbia visited Hemofarm’s plant in Šabac
’Hemofarm is one of the largest German investments in Serbia and a good example of successful cooperation between a company and city administration...
31. July 2016.
Hemofarm’s Cyclists Arrived in Vršac from Germany after Two Weeks of Cycling
Six employees of Hemofarm returned from their journey to Germany, where they travelled on bicycles to pass the message about the significance of organ donation and transplantation and the PROLONG LIFE campaign conducted by Hemofarm Foundation and the Ministry of Health.
19. July 2016.
Architectural Competition Results
Hemofarm A.D. publishes the results of the architectural competition for preliminary reconstruction and interior design of the Business Centre building in Belgrade.
13. July 2016.
Record of Hemofarm Employees in the Humanitarian Drive ’Cap for Handicap’
The Hemofarm employees continue showing their humane side. This year, they have collected about 700 kg of plastic caps for the Association ‘Cap for Handicap’, whereby they broke the last year’s record in collecting caps.
12. July 2016.
Germany to Serbia Bike Ride in the Campaign PROLONG LIFE
The message PROLONG LIFE – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL OF YOUR LIFE will be carried by six employees of Hemofarm along the river Danube, from Germany to Serbia, who will start the 1.400 km long journey from Bad Vilbel to Vršac on Sunday, 17 July.
15. June 2016.
Ronald Seeliger member of Managing Board of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Hemofarm CEO and the Chairman of German-Serbian Business Association, Dr Ronald Seeliger, was voted a new member of the Managing Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.
14. June 2016.
Hemofarm Wins Seperbrand Serbia Award Again
Serbian and regional pharmaceutical leader, Hemofarm, received the Superbrands Serbia award this year, too, as the best corporate brand in the field of pharmacy.
20. May 2016.
Competition for Conceptual Design of Hemofarm Belgrade Business Centre
Hemofarm AD is announcing a general, public, anonymous architectural competition for conceptual design for reconstruction and interior design of the HEMOFARM Business Centre building in Belgrade, Prote Mateje St, in Vračar.
10. May 2016.
Greening Action in Podgorica
Podgorica-located park ‘Ćemovsko polje’ / Ćemovsko field/ is richer by 100 new plant trees of maple, ash and cypress, after a greening action organized by Hemofarm, Hemomont and Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with the capital of Montenegro.
28. April 2016.
Hemofarm Receives the National Award ’28 April’ from the Ministry of Labour
Hemofarm is the winner of the National Award ’28 April’ for commitment to the values of occupational safety and health and spread of culture of prevention.
20. April 2016.
Allergy is a Disorder of the Immune System
Allergy is a changed and hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system to external matters from the environment that are otherwise harmless for the majority of people.
19. April 2016.
PROLONG LIFE and be champion
Hemofarm corporate relay team defended the champion’s title at 29th Belgrade Marathon! The team whose members were: Saša Karčakovski, Dalibor Aleksić, Marinel Bokšan, and Nemanja Janković, covered the distance longer than 21 km...
18. April 2016.
Centre for Industrial Pharmacy Established
The Centre for Industrial Pharmacy was established at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade with an aim of improving the status and developing the knowledge of pharmacists and employees in pharmaceutical industry.
15. April 2016.
PROLONG LIFE on Belgrade Marathon
The PROLONG LIFE message will be sent out from the 29th Belgrade Marathon this year, with the aim of raising awareness of the public on the importance of organ donation and transplantation.
02. April 2016.
Let Humanity be in Vogue
PROLONG LIFE. COLOUR IN RED. is the name of the fashion show that officially opened the 39th Black `n` Easy Fashion Week in Belgrade.
30. March 2016.
Ronald Seeliger Received Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award
Dr Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO, is the winner of the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award for extraordinary business results in 2015. In addition to the award plaque, the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award for prominent individuals....
01. March 2016.
Become a Part of the PROLONG LIFE Formula
The PROLONG LIFE campaign enters a new phase by supporting the movie ‘Guardians of the Formula’ of the Director Dragan Bjelogrlić and Screenplay Writer Vuk Ršumović, which talks about the first case of bone marrow transplantation in the world.
25. February 2016.
Vuka Vuka - Solution for Male Problems
We are pleased to inform you that Hemofarm’s wide range of products now includes Vuka Vuka®, a dietary supplement in a tablet form, which is a combination of biologically active ingredients that contribute to the maintenance of the following...
19. February 2016.
Top Serbian Brands Award Goes to Hemofarm
For the second year in a row, Hemofarm is the winner of the Top Serbian Brands award. The largest Serbian pharmaceutical company has won the title ‘the best corporate brand in pharmacy’ according to the votes of the consumers.
21. January 2016.
Hemofarm Hosted the ’Red Star’ Handball Players
Around 30 ’Red Star’ handball players, headed by the coach Nenad Peruničić, visited the manufacturing complex Hemofarm in Vršac.
14. January 2016.
Sales of Real Estate Owned by Hemofarm Foundation in Vršac
Company Hemofarm announces for sales the following real estates in Vršac
14. January 2016.
Leasing the Real Estate in Vršac
Leasing the Real Estate in Vršac.
14. January 2016.
Sales of the real estate in Serbia and Romania
Company Hemofarm announces for sales the following real estates in Serbia and Romania.
16. December 2015.
Excellent Mark for 55 Years of Existence
Production in billions of tablets, investments in millions of euros, markets on three continents, among the top ten exporters from the country for decades – this is the summary of the year of jubilee for Hemofarm.
27. October 2015.
Adria Media Employees Signed Donor Cards
Journalists, editors, and directors of Adria Media Group hosted in their headquarters Professor Nenad Milojičić, Head of Biomedicine Directorate of the Ministry of Health, and former athlete Sandra Stojanović, to whom a kidney was donated.
07. October 2015.
Hemofarm Awarded for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development
Hemofarm is this year's winner of the award 'Leader of Competitiveness and Sustainable Development'. This news was published at the end of the first working day of the Danube Business Forum.
06. October 2015.
Hemofarm and ‘Magnetrans’ at Half Marathon in Kragujevac
The third half marathon in Kragujevac, also the championship of Serbia in this discipline, was organized on 4 October, supported by Hemofarm. In the competition of the record 410 competitors
30. September 2015.
Hemofarm in the Drive ‘Cap for Handicap’
The employees of Hemofarm collected about 600 kilograms of plastic caps for the Association of Paraplegics and Quadriplegics of Banat.
23. September 2015.
Hemofarm Eighth Largest Exporter from Serbia
According to the official data from the Ministry of Finance of the government of the Republic of Serbia, Hemofarm kept the rating among the top-ten largest exporters from Serbia
18. September 2015.
Hemofarm also Officially Becomes a Company with the Highest Rating in the Area of Sustainable Development in Serbia
Care about Common Future is Responsibility of All of Us
15. September 2015.
‘BEST BUY AWARD’ – Consumers Awarded Hemofarm for the Best Price-to-Quality Ratio
Hemofarm, which is the Serbian and regional pharmaceutical leader, won the first place according to the votes of the Serbian consumers in the 'Best Buy Award' survey.
27. August 2015.
It is Always Right Time for Humanity
Employees in the company Hemofarm, led by the Chief Executive Officer Ronald Seeliger, have responded to the appeals of the competent health institutions and voluntarily donated blood.
12. August 2015.
Medicines from Šabac for Half the World
The Mayor of Šabac, Nebojša Zelenović and Director of the Šabac plant Hemofarm, Dragan Tošić, concluded that a constructive dialogue of the local government and industry represents
15. July 2015.
Ambition, Commitment and Timely Recognition of Problems are Prerequisite for Business Success
Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger, has shared his recipe for success with the students of the 18th generation in Summer School of Economics entitled ‘How to Fight Unemployment of Young People? – Danger of Losing (Yet) Another Generation’
13. July 2015.
30,000 Plastic Caps Collected
At EXIT Festival, in the drive ‘Cap for Handicap’, about 30,000 caps of PET bottles were collected
24. June 2015.
How Medicines Used to be Produced in Serbia
Hemofarm turned 55 several days ago.
10. June 2015.
The ’Best of Serbia’ Award Goes Again to Hemofarm
For the second year in a row and for the third time, Hemofarm has been proclaimed the best corporate brand in the category chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.
31. May 2015.
Hemofarm Opened New Ampoule Production Plant
Hemofarm, the Serbian and regional pharmaceutical leader, celebrated 55 years of successful operation by opening the new plant for production of ampoules
29. May 2015.
Champion Cup for Marathon Runners
Hemofarm has won the champion cup for the most successful teams in the 28th Belgrade Marathon, in corporate relay race
24. April 2015.
Special Recognition for Safety and Health at Work to Hemofarm
Hemofarm is the winner of the first prize - special ’April 28th’ recognition for commitment to occupational safety and health skills and spreading the culture of prevention
22. April 2015.
Certificate of Authorized Business Entity to Hemofarm
The authorized status which is granted by the Customs Administration enables faster and simplified customs clearance procedures which speeds up the sales of products, increases product competitiveness and business efficiency.
21. April 2015.
Survey of the Members of the German – Serbian Business Association
The companies, members of the German – Serbian Business Association, are slightly optimistic about the economic perspectives in Serbia.
18. April 2015.
Great Success of Hemofarm’s Competitors in the 28th SuisseGas Belgrade Marathon
In spite of the rain, more than 30 thousand female and male competitors ran in the largest-scale health-awareness event - Belgrade Marathon. Among them, seven Hemofarm’s relay-race teams reached the finish line in a record time.
17. April 2015.
The Status of Authorized Business Entity Granted to Hemofarm
The Serbian Customs Administration has announced that Hemofarm is the first company which gained the status of the authorized business entity that is granted to companies which represent a reliable and proven partner.
16. April 2015.
Relay Races of Hemofarm in Humanitarian Mission
Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation, as exclusive partners of 28th SuisseGas Belgrade Marathon, continue promoting the proper values also this year.
13. April 2015.
Hemofarm – Most Desirable Employer in Pharmaceutical Industry
The Company Hemofarm has been selected the most desirable employer in pharmaceutical industry in 2015.
11. April 2015.
Hemofarm Foundation at the Children’s Marathon
Actors and employees of the theatre ‘Boško Buha’ rendered great support to the young marathoners at the children’s marathon held in the Belgrade ZOO
05. April 2015.
‘Hemomont’ Pharmaceutical Factory Capital Increase
Construction of a New Plant and Creation of New Jobs
28. March 2015.
Hemofarm received VIRTUS, principal award for philanthropy
Hemofarm was awarded this year’s VIRTUS, principal award for philanthropy.
11. March 2015.
CEO of Hemofarm Visited ‘Career Days’
CEO of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger, visited the job fair ‘Career Days’ where he spoke to the present students, together with colleagues from the Human Resources Division.
06. March 2015.
Successful Beginning of the Drive: Cap for Handicap
Employees of Hemofarm, Hemofarm Foundation and STADA IT Solutions in Serbia have WHOLEHEARTEDLY collected approximately 13kg of PET packaging material caps
28. February 2015.
First Children's Health Festival started In Belgrade
The first Children’s Health Festival, a unique event which promotes the health of our youngest in a very interesting way, has started in Belgrade today.
21. February 2015.
Twelfth Anniversary of Hemofarm from Banja Luka
The first pharmaceutical factory in Republika Srpska and one of the holders of the entire pharmaceutical industry in BiH, Hemofarm from Banja Luka, marked the twelfth anniversary of operation of the solid dosage forms pharmaceutical factory.
19. February 2015.
Necessary Partnership between Government and Private Sector
‘Pharmaceutical industry is a strategic business sector and the government has to provide adequate legal and economic environment for business predictability
18. February 2015.
WHOLEHEARTEDLY Drive: Cap for Handicap
With an honest wish and in the best intention to support the people who need help the most, Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation have WHOLEHEARTEDLY joined the Cap for Handicap drive
11. February 2015.
Vršac Sterija National Theatre Recognitions Awarded to Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation
The Vršac Sterija National Theatre will mark the seven decades of professional work with a series of activities.
09. February 2015.
Hemofarm Received Recognition ’TOP SERBIAN BRANDS’
Serbian citizens selected Hemofarm to receive the recognition Top Serbian Brands for 2014 as the best corporate brand in pharmacy.
21. January 2015.
Media Tour of Hemofarm
Representatives of leading national media have visited Hemofarm’s complex in Vršac today.
10. December 2014.
Hemofarm Recognized as the Most Responsible Company in the South Banat Region
By the decision of the expert jury, Hemofarm is the winner of a prestigious recognition ‘Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ as the most socially responsible company in the South Banat region for 2014
04. December 2014.
Hemofarm Marked the End of a Successful Year
Business Leader that has been Pushing the Boundaries of Success for 54 Years
17. November 2014.
German Businessmen Want Structural Reforms in Serbia
Today, on the second day of his visit to Serbia, German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel has met the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić.
12. November 2014.
Hemomont Marked 20 Years of Work
Today, the first pharmaceutical factory in Montenegro, Hemomont, has marked 20 years of growth and development.
10. November 2014.
38th Anniversary of Hemofarm Šabac
Hemofarm Šabac celebrated 38 years of growth and development by traditional activities – reception for pensioners, delivery of loyalty awards and cocktail party for the management and local government representatives.
24. October 2014.
Draft Agreement on Status Change of Hemofarm d.o.o. Šabac
We are informing you that the Draft Agreement on Status Change of Hemofarm d.o.o. Šabac with all accompanying annexes was published on the website of the Business Registers Agency on 24/10/2014.
23. October 2014.
Hemofarm – An Example of Good Practice of Care for Employees
Within the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy organized the conference Stress Management at Work at which Hemofarm was presented as an example of good practice of care for employees and stress prevention.
07. October 2014.
Protection of Investors and Creditors a Necessity
Today, Business Support Network has hosted a panel titled ’How to Reduce Frauds and Protect Investors and Creditors, with a Special Emphasis on the Accounting Law and Quality of Financial Reporting in Serbia’, organized with the aim to draw the attention to necessary changes...
22. September 2014.
All the best - 10th anniversary autumn Health Festival
Under the slogan All the best (Svako dobro), the 10th anniversary Autumn Health Festival will be held from September 25 to September 26 at the Youth Club in Belgrade.
01. August 2014.
Press release
STADA Company has been unpleasantly surprised by the statement that Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić issued today, at the press conference in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where, speaking about his own statement in Galenika case, he accused STADA of having privileged position.
18. June 2014.
Harmonization of Rules and Procedures in Line with the BSCI Code
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is the leading business oriented initiative for companies committed to improvement of work conditions of employees and business environment in whole, by promoting socially responsible operation.
06. June 2014.
Natalija Popović Awarded for Contribution to Development of Marketing and Communications
Natalija Popović, Director of Communications and Sustainable Development of Hemofarm, was awarded the prestigious award ’Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ for outstanding contribution and achievements in the area of marketing and communications by the Decision of a professional jury.
09. April 2014.
Hemofarm – Best Corporate Brand in Serbia
By the decision reached upon voting of consumers and expert jury, Hemofarm is the winner of the prestigious award ‘The Best from Serbia” as the best corporate brand in the category of chemistry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products!
28. February 2014.
Hemofarm's Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac marked 20 years of work
Hemofarm's Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac marked today two decades of successful work. Last year, this plant achieved a record-breaking production with 118M units and over 10M packs of end products!
28. November 2013.
Another official Certificate of Compliance with the highest world standards
Hemofarm has been granted another official Certificate of Compliance with the highest world standards of the occupational safety and health management system!
09. September 2013.
STADA Group’s new IT Service Centre set up in Hemofarm
Local expertise on global business map – an opportunity for IT experts
05. July 2013.
Serbian Viagra at the German market
On the same day when the patent for active substance for Viagra expired, STADA started selling the first generic sildenafil, the drug for erectile dysfunction, produced in Hemofarm plant in Vršac.
19. June 2013.
Purchasing of dissolution system
We invite interested companies to submit their offer for purchasing dissolution system with off-line fraction collector as specified in the appendix.
20. May 2013.
Press release
In respect to Ministry of Health’s announcement about the withdrawal of Miokarpin and Marocen eye drops from pharmacies, Hemofarm Company announced that it has conducted necessary standard procedures which imply withdrawal of all quantities of Miokarpin and Marocen eye drops...
26. April 2013.
Another Recognition for Hemofarm
SUPERBRAND SERBA in the category of pharmaceutical industry is yet another in a string of awards Hemofarm received following a detailed analysis carried out by the Superbrands Council, consisting of leading experts in the fields of marketing, economy and media.
25. April 2013.
Hemofarm wins two awards for safety and protection in the work place
Hemofarm won a second award for safety and protection in the work place, while our former colleague, Dušan Krajinović, is winner of “Plaketa 28” (Plaque 28)!
23. April 2013.
Ever greater interest of german companies in Serbia as a business destination
In spite of the difficult economic environment the companies founded by German legal persons face in our country, they send positive signals of Serbia as the investment location in 2013.
18. April 2013.
Hemofarm received an award from Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina for the contribution to the overall development of the economy in Vojvodina
Hemofarm is this year’s winner of Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina’s Award for contribution to the overall development of the economy in Vojvodina, and by this, of the entire Serbia. Ronald Seeliger, General Manager of Hemofarm, was presented with this award by Ratko Filipović...
01. April 2013.
Hemofarm wins the National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
Hemofarm won the NationalAward for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2012, given by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS)!
29. March 2013.
Ronald Seeliger, president of DSW
Hemofarm CEO, Ronald Seeliger has been appointed president of the Deutsch-Serbische Wirtschaftsvereinigung (German-Serbian Business Association) pursuant to the decision of the DSW’s Board of Directors.
27. March 2013.
Hemofarm Foundation celebrated 20 years of work
Since its establishment until today, Hemofarm Foundation organized and conducted more than 1,300 campaigns through which it donated around EUR 9 million. By keeping up with and by identifying problems in the society, Hemofarm Foundation is trying to make the lives of all the members...
22. February 2013.
Hemofarm Marked 10 Years of Successful Business in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hemofarm d.o.o. Banja Luka, a pharmaceutical factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, marked an important anniversary – a decade of successful business.
06. December 2012.
Hemofarm the 2012 Exporter of the Year
Today, Hemofarm has received the prestigious ‘2012 Exporter of the Year’, which has been presented for 8 years by SIEPA (Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency). At a ceremony in the Metropol Hotel, Božidar Laganin, Head of SIEPA presented the award to the CEO of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger.
19. July 2012.
Meeting of Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić with Leading Representatives of Hemofarm
A meeting between the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and Chairman of the Executive Board of STADA Group Hartmut Retzlaff was held at the President’s Office today.
01. July 2012.
Press release
Dr. Ronald Seeliger assumes the position of the Managing Director of Hemofarm as of July 1st 2012.
23. May 2012.
New distribution model of Hemofarm company
The company Hemofarm has introduced a new model of business operations - direct distribution of its products to state-owned pharmacies. This modern distribution model has been initiated as an integral part of efforts..
20. April 2012.
Internal medicine ward of general hospital in Šabac ready for new patients
Internal Medicine Ward of General Hospital ‘Dr. Laza K. Lazarević’ has been reconstructed owing to the donation of the company Hemofarm, in the amount of RSD 13.8 million.
04. August 2011.
The laboratory in Timisoara has been opened
The laboratory in Timisoara has been opened
03. April 2011.
Continuation of Successful Cooperation with Hemofarm
Wolfram Heinisch, Managing Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of Hemofarm, Marko Milojević, member of the Executive Board of Hemofarm, and Gordana Lazić Velovan, PR manager of the company, have been the guests of editors-in-chief and directors of media companies gathered around...
16. March 2011.
Support to local community
In spite of numerous economic problems,Hemofarm continues implementing corporate responsibility policy also in this year, with the whole-hearted support of its parent company STADA Group.
10. February 2011.
Successfully Completed Campaign ‘I Also Donate for Blood’
Representatives of the General Hospital in Vršac, local self-government and Hemofarm Foundation have announced at the press conference on the occasion of completing the Humanitarian Campaign ‘I Also Donate (FOR) Blood’ held in the Hemofarm Foundation premises, that more than RSD 1.4 million...
31. January 2011.
We Have Also Donated for Blood
The Hemofarm Foundation campaign, I Also Donate (FOR) Blood, lasted for almost two months. The campaign’s goal was to collect funds for purchasing the necessary equipment for the Blood Transfusion Service of the Vršac’s town hospital.