Press release
20. May 2013.
In respect to Ministry of Health’s announcement about the withdrawal of Miokarpin and Marocen eye drops from pharmacies, Hemofarm Company announced that it has conducted necessary standard procedures which imply withdrawal of all quantities of Miokarpin and Marocen eye drops, Series T200842, immediately after receiving a complaint from the pharmacy referring to the packaging of the medicine.Due to this situation, Hemofarm apologizes to citizens and users of those eye drops.

As a responsible company, which maintains a close cooperation with the Inspection of Drugs, Hemofarm immediately informed the Inspection for Drugs of Serbian Ministry of Health that the company issued an order for withdrawal. A contingency control of packaging of the entire quantity of Miokarpin eye drops that are on stock in Hemofarm was conducted right away, and there were no deviations that were the object of complaint in any of the samples.

We are claiming responsibly that all the drugs and products from Hemofarm Company are correct and safe for use.