Code of Conduct
Principles of Conduct for Employees in Hemofarm A.D.
Corporate Principles of Conduct are based on key values (care, quality, availability and trust) that Hemofarm expresses in all segments of its work and comply completely with the Code of Conduct of the STADA Group..

The objective of the Principles is not merely formal confirmation that Hemofarm operates in accordance with the legal framework. They represent the fundamental values and virtues that Hemofarm aspires to, represent the guide for conduct and work of all employees and help us make right decisions and estimates in work.
BSCI Code of Conduct
Hemofarm’s business operations continuously comply with the BSCI Code of Conduct – the leading global initiative aimed at improving working conditions for employees and for the entire business environment, through the the promotion of socially responsible and socially sustainable business practice. With 97.56% compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct, Hemofarm has achieved the best result in Serbia.
Sponsoring Professional Meetings
Doing business fairly and transparently, in accordance with the legal regulations and internal compliance procedures, Hemofarm announces information on all sponsored professional meetings and the amount of the funds spent for that purpose. The information for the previous three months is announced on the corporate website by the 20th day of the first month of the next quarter, at the latest.
Rule Book on Alerting and the Protection of Whistle-Blowers
Alerting refers to the disclosure of information on violations of regulations, violations of human rights, exercise of powers contrary to the purpose for which they have been issued, threats to life, public health, environment, safety and also regarding the prevention of major hazards.

In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Whistle-Blowers, the Rule Book on Alerting has been adopted by Hemofarm, which can be downloaded here.