We Have Also Donated for Blood
31. January 2011.
The Hemofarm Foundation campaign, I Also Donate (FOR) Blood, lasted for almost two months. The campaign’s goal was to collect funds for purchasing the necessary equipment for the Blood Transfusion Service of the Vršac’s town hospital.

The citizens of Vršac are very active when blood donation is in question classifying their environment in that segment among the best ones in Serbia. However, lack of equipment in the Service, which has been functioning for more than fifty years, has brought the existence of the Service into question. That is the reason why Hemofarm Foundation, with the support of the Municipality, has started the fund collection campaign. The solidarity of fellow citizens, who aleady pay for voluntary local tax and health care, was emphasized this time as well. The citizens of Vršac put money in boxes in the busiest town squares, banks and pharmacies, the hospital itself, and they paid even more funds to the account of the campaign the course of which was monitored through the Foundation site.

The hospital itself and some companies such as Zannini, Millennium and Hemofarm organized collection of funds. The Foundation will report the result to the public, when it has been summed up. Hemofarm employees paid RSD 317,700 for the campaign, while the Company additionally paid over half a million RSD.

This decision was announced by the Managing Director Wolfram Heinisch greeting the audience at the beginning of the concert organized by Hemofarm as a sign of support to the activities of its Foundation. The concert of the pianist Milan Miladinović marked the end of the Foundation’s campaign which should support the founder, the Province, in purchasing equipment for Vršac’s hospital, because the discontinuation of transfusion would endanger the entire system of this South Banat health care institution toward which four municipalities gravitate.

The pianist, Milan Miladinović, heated the hearts of the audience in the cool Music-Congress Hall of the Vršac’s Millennium Centre by excellent music performance. The young lecturer of the Novi Sad Music Academy held a concert entitled ‘Night as a Music Inspiration’, which the audience will remember for the bravura performance for a long time, as well as for the stories whereby Miladinović introduced the audience in the atmosphere of musical compositions. Miladinović, who studied in Novi Sad and graduated in Berlin, is one of the rare musicians whose performance is accompanied by inspiring and charming recitals, so that the performance represents an exceptional experience. The concert started with the Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, proceeded with Chopin ‘Nocturne’, followed by Franz Liszt ‘Mephisto Waltz’. After Ravel, the audience enjoyed the performance of Debussy ‘Moonlight’ and Debussy and Schumann were performed as an encore.

We Also Donate Blood

Hemofarm is one of the rare companies which has a Voluntary Blood Donation Section with over 500 members. Voluntary blood donation drives in which approximately 200 units of precious liquid are always collected are organized at least three times a year only in the headquarters in Vršac. Apart from the drive organized by the Hemofarm Voluntary Blood Donation Section within the Vršac manufacturing complex, Hemofarm employees often respond to the invitation of health care institutions to donate blood, especially when problems relating to particular blood-group deficiency are in question. Four hundred Hemofarm employees donated precious liquid not only in organized drives but also as per urgent calls of the Transfusion Service during the previous year.

Support and Partner in Health Preservation

Hemofarm Foundation helped in adapting the Children’s Department and Maternity Ward of the Vršac Hospital during the last two years. On the occasion of the Company Anniversary Day, Hemofarm donated an Ambulance to the Emergency Aid Centre of Belgrade in June 2010, while Hemofarm’s owner, STADA Group, donated EUR 50,000 to the local self-government for humanitarian needs. A laminar flow device amounting to actually approximately EUR 20 thousand was presented to the Institute for Children and Youth’s Health Protection in Novi Sad last month, but what is important in this case is the good will of Hemofarm experts and constructors who designed and constructed this important device on their own beyond working hours.