Hemofarm is a company focused on the production of quality, affordable and safe medicinal products
The business priorities of the company are reflected in its continuous supply to local and foreign markets and with its ongoing commitment to the education and development of its employees as the most significant resource vital to the company’s growth.
Hemofarm The Leader
Hemofarm is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the region, and simultaneously the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in Serbia, as well as one of the main pillars of production in STADA.
The portfolio is focused on the most important pharmacotherapeutic groups such as products for cardiovascular diseases, antibiotics and neuropsychiatric products, which corresponds also to the epidemiological structure of the therapeutic indications.
Hemofarm’s over-the-counter products (OTC) hold the leading position in the pharmaceutical market of Serbia, with a share of 16.2%.

Hemofarm’s business imperative is the continuous improvement of its portfolio by the latest-generation medicinal products, as well as the development of new segments, primarily the oncology segment.

Operation within the STADA Group opens additional possibilities for the sale of Hemofarm’s products in the highly demanding EU markets.

The Rx pharmaceutical market is conditioned by the pricing policy stipulated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade. In that sense, the prices of medicinal products are also conditioned and officially approved values, which are determined by these two competent ministries.
Hemofarm was the largest exporter of medicinal products in 2019, too.

Hemofarm is among the top 10 exporters in Serbia.
Intensive investment has been directed towards:
  • modernising manufacturing plants
  • expanding manufacturing and storage capacities, as well as transfer of STADA products
  • modernising laboratories (R&D, microbiological control, etc.)
  • implementation and development of SAP system at the level of Hemofarm
  • continuous improvement of employees