Germany to Serbia Bike Ride in the Campaign PROLONG LIFE
12. July 2016.
The message PROLONG LIFE – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL OF YOUR LIFE will be carried  by six employees of Hemofarm along the river Danube, from Germany to Serbia, who will start the 1.400 km long journey from Bad Vilbel to Vršac on Sunday, 17 July.  

Marinel Bokšan, Vladimir Grbić, Saša Maričić, Vesna Grbić, Danijela Todorović and Goran Manić, have decided to personally involve in the campaign, conducted by Hemofarm Foundation, as a partner to the Ministry of Health of Serbia, for the purpose of promotion of organ donation, and primarily, adoption of a new Law on Transplantation. This humanitarian bike ride will last for two weeks in total.

‘We will spend our annual leaves riding a bike from Bad Vilbel, the seat of STADA Group within which Hemofarm operates, to Vršac. We have actively prepared for this voyage from April, riding for 100 km per training. Love for cycling and healthy way of life motivates us, but what is more important is our honest wish to promote the campaign PROLONG LIFE – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL OF YOUR LIFE. We came up with this idea when we heard the stories of people who had been waiting for organ transplantation for years, which is their only chance to prolong their lives. This is our way to help’, Goran Manić said.

The arrival of cyclists from Hemofarm to Vršac is scheduled for 30 July.