Mission and vision

We have been caring for people’s health now for 56 years, and on the basis that health is the greatest wealth.

We aspire to achieve success in business focusing on three strategic directions – growth, an innovative approach, and organisational excellence. Our growth is based on continuous sales of up-to-date and affordable pharmaceuticals, as well as on succeeding in new and promising markets. Through innovation we are improving and developing the company in new directions. In synergy with the core business, it is our goal to care for health of the nation in the best way possible. The organisational excellence of our company consists of a set of tools and techniques for achieving optimized effiency and quality together with reductions in unnecessary costs; modern HR methods and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes.

Although very important for our business, technology, manufacturing processes, profits and costs are not our only focus. Through its products, Hemofarm enters people’s homes on a daily basis, and this is why your trust is very important for us.

Hemofarm’s vision is to be the leading company in the domain of care for health. This means striving to improve people’s quality of life through comprehensive healthcare, and this is our mission..

Our entire approach to business is based on four key values which also determine our corporate identity.
because care inspires the kind of confidence that contributes to recovery.
because the quality of your life is important to us.
because we are always there for you.
because you can be sure we are on your side.


Our key values are integrated into our corporate slogan: ALL THE BEST! Our ancestors used this old greeting as a universal wish for good health and well being. We recognise and cherish ALL THE BEST as the thread that links us with all the people we care about.
‘Focusing on growth, innovations and operating excellence, we are developing Hemofarm as a modern and responsible company. Following the signposts of sustainable development, we are continuing our progress using the paths which have not been well-trodden and simple, but which are undoubtedly our preference. Take this as a promise – through the improvement and development of Hemofarm, we will continue contributing to the sustainable development of the entire society.’ .

All the best,
dr Ronald Seeliger
Hemofarm A.D.
Beogradski put bb, 26300 Vršac, Serbia
tel +381 13 803 100, fax +381 13 803 100
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