Business advantages
Among Hemofarm’s most important business advantages are: a professional staff motivated towards achieving top results; technological completeness; implementation of the latest pharmaceutical standards; an extensive and up-to-date portfolio; certified quality management, as well as high quality and prestigious research and development projects.
Hemofarm group - Plants


Central manufacturing complex: involves four manufacturing plants and an automated high-bay warehouse - manufacture of solid dosage medicinal forms, sterile products, infusion solutions, and injectables.


Manufacture of solid dosage medicinal forms, liquid and semi-liquid products.


Manufacture of antibiotics.

Banja Luka

Manufacture of solid dosage medicinal forms.


Manufacture of infusion solutions, ophthalmologist products, and cephalosporin antibiotics.
Production is focused on Rx and OTC products within the most important pharmacotherapeutic groups, such as for cardiovascular diseases, antibiotics or neuropsychiatric medicines.
In 2018, Hemofarm manufactured 5.5 billion of product units, i.e. 245 million packs of finished products, which is a new company record.

All the production sites of the Hemofarm group have contributed to such a result, with increased production for the demanding EU markets, while on the level of the STADA Group they represent the major manufacturer and the cornerstone of further development.
Sales in EU
The production of a considerable number of products for the STADA Group intended for sale in EU countries is evidence of our modern concept of pharmaceutical industry, top-class technological equipment and staff competence.

With a manufacturing capacity of 46 million bottles per annum, Hemofarm is among the 5 largest European manufacturers of infusion solutions.