Hemofarm evaluates success not only by its business results but also by its positive impact on society. A successful business is one that improves its operations as well as the development of and care for its employees, society and the environment.
Most successful companies in the modern world integrate corporate social responsibility into their business strategy. Under its responsible business operations, Hemofarm prioritizes:

  • Sustainable development
  • Care for its employees
  • Environmental protection
  • Corporate social responsibility (Hemofarm foundation)
  • Health of Employees is a Priority
    Hemofarm’s responsibility to its employees is manifested not only in line with the prescribed legal norms regarding occupational safety and health, but the company also implements a series of activities which are, in the context of healthcare, far more extensive than those required by law. One of which is also a prevention. Although the effects of the modern way of living are not recognized through the current legislation and regulations, they are a fact. Fast way of living, stress and environmental pollution have globe-reaching consequences. That is why regular preventive, specialist and comprehensive physical check-ups are on the agenda of the company care for the employees.
    Hemofarm’s concern for the health of its employees is internally manifested through its observance of gender equality, human rights and its continuous investment in education of employees.
    Hemofarm cares about the health of its employees on a continuous basis through:
    1. Direct investment in occupational health and safety of employees for:

  • Periodical medical check-ups for employees at jobs with increased risk and for which the reduced years of service are calculated for retirement
  • Regular semi-annual sanitary check-ups
  • Regular ophthalmologic check-ups
  • Cooperation with occupational health specialists (through health check-ups, examinations of workplaces, participation in the preparation of risk assessment, professional help etc.)
  • Training of employees for providing first aid
  • Inspecting conditions in the work environment, checks and testing of equipment and tools, as well as equipment used for personal protection
  • Purchase of work garments and personal protection equipment
  • Placing of health and safety signs as well as the preparation of horizontal and vertical traffic signs

  • 2. Indirect funds of the employer through the Solidarity Fund and supplemental health insurance:

  • Covering the costs of specialist and laboratory check-ups, medicines and treatment, surgeries, orthopaedic aids
  • Financing the work of sports sections and continuous recreation for employees (through leasing of space, purchase of equipment and sports goods)
  • Support to employees when sickness and sick leave lasts longer than 6 months
  • Support to employees when giving birth to or adopting a child, Support to single parents and similar
  • Support to employees on the occasion of the death of a close family member
  • Blood donors
    The blood donors section has been functioning for years in Hemofarm as part of the Solidarity Fund both in Vršac and Šabac. Employees donate their blood regularly on their own initiative, but they also respond to appeals from local blood transfusion services.
    3. Funds of Representative Trade Union – Autonomous Trade Union of the Employer for health protection and prevention are intended for:

  • Organizing employees’ recreation activities, sports sections and sports events
  • Financial aid to employees in crisis situations
  • Continuous maintenance and improvements to employee rights, etc.
  • Sports and the Development of Healthy Habits
    In order to promote a healthy and high-quality life, there are sports sections run by the Autonomous Trade Union in Hemofarm – Sports Section Hemofarm, through which the Autonomous Trade Union provides recreational and competing sports activities (futsal, volleyball, basketball, shooting etc.) for its members. The best of them represent the Company in organized annual sports competitions or individual events, encouraging the team and competitive spirit.
    4. Environment Protection, Safety and Health of Employees

    Commitment to improvement of health and quality of life, as ethical principles, involves occupational health and safety and environmental protection as an integral part of Hemofarm’s business strategy.

    Hemofarm’s care for occupational health and safety and the preservation and improvement of environment exceeds all legal regulations and requirements, and the continuous process of improving all conditions is accomplished through the initiation and implementation of specific improvement programs.

    In an effort to improve the control system over the effects of its activities to occupational safety and health and environment, Hemofarm A.D. has introduced the environmental protection system which is compliant with ISO 14001 standard requirements (Vršac, Šabac and Dubovac), as well as the occupational health and safety management system that follows the ISO 45001 (Vršac, Šabac and Dubovac) standard requirements.

    Environmental protection, and occupational safety and health are officially regulated in Hemofarm by the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy.