Education of employees
A total of 5,802 internal and external educations and trainings were organized for employees in Hemofarm over the course of 2021. The strategic orientation of management to continuously invest in the development of people, improvement of their knowledge and professional skills has contributed to achieving a total of 11,604 hours of trainings, educations, and upskilling of employees in Hemofarm during 2021. For a third year in a row, our employees dedicate over 10,000 hours to trainings, education, and professional development.
Talent program Your Growth Starts Here
Through a six-month paid Internship Talent Program, Hemofarm opens up its doors once a year, offering to you an opportunity to professionally develop in the environment of eminent experts using the cutting-edge technologies in the process of work.
Unique and Important – Female Mentorship Program
Unique and Important Program is intended to support and promote female leadership in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Six top female leaders from our organization will be mentoring six selected female participants in the program, over the course of a year, and sharing with them their experience, advice, contacts and other resources that will help them to go to the next level of career development and become future female leaders of positive changes in their organizations and communities.
Opportunities for Students
Hemofarm provides students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities through professional internships. In this manner, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience required for the future, while Hemofarm, on the other hand, can identify potential future employees.

We are proud to be a part of STADA Group which brings us further international experience and opens up additional opportunities for work and development.