10. May 2016.
Greening Action in Podgorica
Podgorica-located park ‘Ćemovsko polje’ / Ćemovsko field/ is richer by 100 new plant trees of maple, ash and cypress, after a greening action organized by Hemofarm, Hemomont and Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with the capital of Montenegro.

Forty employees with children, the managements of companies, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, municipality, actress Dubravka Drakić, representatives of BC ‘Budućnost’ and other public figures participated in the greening action, in order to support the co-citizens and institutions which take care of the environment.

The field had previously been prepared by the workers of the Public Utilities Company ‘Zelenilo’ /Greenery/, and the first plant trees were planted by the CEO of Hemofarm Ronald Seeliger, Executive Director of Hemomont Snežana Perović, and the Mayor of Podgorica Slavoljub Stijepović.

‘We confirm our commitment to environmental protection in all segments of production, packaging and supply of medicinal products, as well as by intensive engagement in a demanding project of construction of the waste water treatment system. Hemomont has proven that it can be a pioneer and an originator of a new industry, and I believe that it can also be one of the drivers of the activities focused on education and strengthening the awareness about the inevitability of having a responsible attitude towards the nature, because it repays those who treat her kindly’, said Snežana Perović.

Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm Ronald Seeliger extended gratitude to the participants of the greening action who, as he picturesquely described, planted the ‘little lungs’ of the town and inspired a new strength into Podgorica.

‘We haven’t inherited the planet from our ancestors but borrowed it from our descendants. Therefore, the planting of these 100 trees is our modest way to contribute to the future. This ‘practical education’ is the most precious ecological lesson for the children who joined us here today. I am sure that the children will WHOLEHEARTEDLY cherish the memory of this day’, said Seeliger.

The Mayor Slavoljub Stijepović emphasized that through this action a joint message was sent on the need and necessity of planting of as many new trees, which are the lungs of each town, as possible, and that a large contribution has been rendered for strengthening the awareness of citizens about the importance of protection and preservation of the environment they live in.

The action in Podgorica is a part of the campaign of Hemofarm Foundation which WHOLEHEARTEDLY endeavors to promote the environmental standards. Upon an initiative of Hemofarm Foundation, 100 plant trees were planted also in Šabac in late November last year, with participation of Hemofarm employees.

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