New distribution model of Hemofarm company
23. May 2012.
Direct distribution of products to state-owned pharmacies

The company Hemofarm has introduced a new model of business operations - direct distribution of its products to state-owned pharmacies. This modern distribution model has been initiated as an integral part of efforts of the company Hemofarm to get closer to its customers, as well as to reduce complexity of supply chain. It is also planned to develop direct distribution model at the regional level, whereby distribution in surrounding countries will be improved.

‘Our intention is that our all products reach end customers at a reasonable price, safely and as quickly as possible. Direct distribution enables us better monitoring of procurement and faster reactions in cases of reduced supplies. The first experiences are very positive and our aim is to meet the needs of a local consumer as efficiently as possible. We have adjusted professional resources and experiences of STADA Group, under the auspices of which we operate, to the requests of local market and legislation. Overcoming difficulties, together with development and improvement of pharmaceutical market, is not only challenging for us all, but also our obligation’, Wolfram Heinisch, Managing Director of Hemofarm pointed out.

New distribution model, implemented in cooperation with the company Phoenix that has had rich experience of cooperation with other pharmaceutical companies in the EU countries for several decades, will enable good-quality, fast and safe distribution of pharmaceutical products to end customers. Direct distribution simplifies a very complex supply chain in order to make the Hemofarm products more available to patients.

Being based on the experience from other countries with regulated pharmaceutical market, model of direct distribution of products to pharmacies has proved to be very successful.

In addition to introducing the new distribution model, Hemofarm continues to cooperate with wholesalers and distributors, thereby simultaneously using several distribution channels in order to provide the best possible supplying of market with medicines.