It is Always Right Time for Humanity
27. August 2015.
Employees in the company Hemofarm, led by the Chief Executive Officer Ronald Seeliger, have responded to the appeals of the competent health institutions and voluntarily donated blood. Employees in Vršac, Šabac and Belgrade donated blood for the patients waiting for surgeries, in cooperation with their Hemofarm Foundation.

Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm, Ronald Seliger was one of the first volunteers at the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia.

Modern age is a great challenge for humanity. It is difficult to remain insensitive to basic life challenges faced by a huge number of people around us. Health is the foundation of all challenges. A minimum effort is required to donate blood, but the effect is the greatest – saving lives. The company Hemofarm and our Foundation are focused on health and therefore it is not unusual that our employees are highly aware of the consequences of blood supply shortage. I wanted to set an example and motivate both my employees and others to join this campaign. Voluntary donation is a very important aspect of social activism. Unfortunately, we often think about it only when we face the problem’, Ronald Seeliger said.

Hemofarm has been supported by the employees of the agency Represent Communications that Hemofarm cooperates with.

Blood Transfusion Institute now has two-day blood supply, but they still need as many units of A -, O- and B+ blood type as possible. Therefore, citizens are invited to donate blood and participate in this noble mission.

The company Hemofarm has very active groups of voluntary blood donors in the factories in Vršac and Šabac. Besides the organized actions, members of the groups regulary respond to the invitations of local transfusion services.

Let us remind you that the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia has faced minimal blood supply of all blood types during the summer. Therefore, the Clinical Centre of Serbia was forced to perform urgent surgeries only.

The Blood Donation Campaign is one of many current campaigns supported by the company Hemofarm via its Foundation. Besides regular activities in the field of health protection, donations of the necessary medical devices and the campaign related to the signing of donor cards, Hemofarm Foundation is informed about all problems of the society and reacts as soon as possible.