Medicines from Šabac for Half the World
12. August 2015.
The Mayor of Šabac, Nebojša Zelenović and Director of the Šabac plant Hemofarm, Dragan Tošić, concluded that a constructive dialogue of the local government and industry represents a cornerstone for further improvement of the Mačva Region and quality of life of its citizens.

The Mayor Zelenović visited the Semi-Solid and Liquid Forms Plant and was introduced with the drug manufacturing process and Hemofarm plans in the upcoming period.

It has been estimated that the Šabac plant will draw the line on 54 million of manufactured packages in this anniversary year, announced Dragan Tošić, Director of the Plant.

The power of Hemofarm, which is the top ten Serbian exporter, is reflected also in the local plan. In addition to having a good cooperation with the state, we have been also trying to be good partners in the community in which we operate and live. We invested more than a million EUR in treatment of waste water in the course of the previous year, and the last-year May floods initiated more investments on our part in protection from unpredictable nature of the river Sava, on the bank of which we are located. We shall meet the plan in the amount of EUR 2.5 million invested in production by the end of this year’, Director Tošić pointed out.

There were more than 46 million of table packages manufactured on the manufacturing lines of Šabac plant, which is in the composition of Hemofarm, in the course of the previous year. Apart from the local and regional market, they were exported to Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Asian countries and the Middle East. The pharmaceutical plant is the first one which has completely implemented products from the STADA Group portfolio, and remained the leader in the local business development until the present day.

We are proud of Hemofarm Šabac and the fact that a part of the leading pharmaceutical company in Serbia and the Western Balkans has been successfully operating in our town. Hemofarm and Šabac are closely related and therefore, we want build a vision in the light of tradition with the key values such as care, quality, availability and trust. We are happy that the German company has been successfully operating in our town and that the representatives of the Embassy of the Federal republic of Germany and the German – Serbian Business Association are willing to open the possibility for establishing a partnership between the Šabac and German companies. Šabac cherishes European ideas, and as a town it contributes to Serbia to become a member of the European Union as soon as possible’, Mayor Zelenović stated.

Hemofarm Šabac has 370 employees who manufacture medicinal products in three shifts for more than 36 countries worldwide every day. The factory has solid dosage forms plant, semi-solid and liquid forms plant, as well as state-of-the-art plant of disinfectants and medical solutions. It meets the strictest global manufacturing standards and possesses the most important Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice for supplying the European market in continuity ever since 2006 until today. More than EUR 16 million has been invested in equipment, production and training of employees since the German STADA took over this factory.