Ambition, Commitment and Timely Recognition of Problems are Prerequisite for Business Success
15. July 2015.
Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger, has shared his recipe for success with the students of the 18th generation in Summer School of Economics entitled ‘How to Fight Unemployment of Young People? – Danger of Losing (Yet) Another Generation’ organized by the Institute of Economic Sciences and with the financial support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Findomestic bank.

Chief Executive Officer of Hemofarm said that, considering global situation, the regional countries cannot afford themselves to choose the area that foreign investors would come from.

Addressing the students of the 18th generation of the Summer School of Economics, organized by the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade, Seeliger pointed out that the regional countries should provide as good conditions as possible so that investors would come and stay. Participants in the Summer School are the best final year students at the faculties of social sciences in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. All of them have tried to get as many advices as possible through dialogue and numerous questions and to get information that might be useful on their way to success.

Talking about the specific topic ‘Perspective of Foreign Investors and Labour Market in Serbia’, CEO of Hemofarm positively evaluated labour force, qualification and motivation of employees in Serbia. He pointed out that faculty education was at a high level, that employees were productive and qualified workers are very much available.

It doesn’t matter what your major is, but what you are going to do with that education. If you want to be successful, your commitment to your job is of crucial importance. You have to be ambitious, motivated and improve yourselves on a daily basis’, Ronald Seeliger pointed out.

CEO of Hemofarm reminded about the recent warning of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who had a remark that many countries had many educated, graduated students who were very good in theory but didn’t have any practical and work experience. In this context, Ronald Seeliger pointed out that both education and operating experience are of crucial importance nowadays. Therefore, he gave the most valuable advice of all, as he called it, in the end of his address to the students and it was that they should apply for a job wherever possible, work as much practical work as possible while they are still studying, and above all to be ready to improve their own skills throughout their careers.

Summer School has achieved a high rating and prestigious place in the public in Serbia and the region, thanks to top-quality local and foreign lecturers and carefully selected students. For 18 years of its existence, the Summer School has gathered more than 600 talented and ambitious young students in the field of economics.