Survey of the Members of the German – Serbian Business Association
21. April 2015.
The companies, members of the German – Serbian Business Association, are slightly optimistic about the economic perspectives in Serbia. The opinion of many of them is that the actual results of reforms, that the Government of Serbia started to implement last year, are not visible yet.

The President of the German-Serbian Business Association and CEO of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger, spoke at the press conference about the results of the traditional survey of DSW.

Some indicators are very good, as for example the significant increase of trade exchange which has risen by more than six percent. It is also excellent that almost 90 percent of the surveyed representatives of the German business in Serbia stated that they would invest again in Serbia. Only seven percent of surveyed subjects think that their business operations will be worse than last year. But the truth is also that the results showed that more than half of the surveyed German companies have expressed their concern in view of economic perspectives and specifically in view of extremely slow rectification of negative phenomena about which we have long since agreed with the authorities in Serbia’, said Ronald Seeliger.

The same as last year, according to the survey of DSW the German investors are very pleased with the employees in Serbia. As far as reform process is concerned, about 44% surveyed subjects think that the process is satisfactory, 42 of them think that the process is not satisfactory, while 14% of the companies representatives rated the process as a good one.

The speed of reforms is important but the essence is much more important. And essential things are sustainable, well planned and clear changes. We from DSW have already expressed our objections to the Government. We spoke openly about all problems. If I am not mistaken, these days will be the anniversary of the work of the Government of Serbia. I want to brag a little bit, but also to commend the Government. Hemofarm received the certificate of the authorized economic operator. The Customs Administration awarded such a status only to ’Hemofarm’, which is internationally designated as AEO. That means the immense speed for us, reduction of customs procedures, possibility to focus much more on the business itself. So this is the real European standard. This is how the administration should work’, emphasized Ronald Seeliger.

There are 350 companies in Serbia operating with the German capital, employing about 25,000 of workers. Trade exchange with Germany amounted to EUR 2.96 billion in 2014, which by 6.1 percent more than in the previous year.