Twelfth Anniversary of Hemofarm from Banja Luka
21. February 2015.
The first pharmaceutical factory in Republika Srpska and one of the holders of the entire pharmaceutical industry in BiH, Hemofarm from Banja Luka, marked the twelfth anniversary of operation of the solid dosage forms pharmaceutical factory.

Hemofarm strengthened the leading position in the country last year according to the number of sold packages of quality, affordable, effective and safe medicines. As a member of the German STADA Group, Hemofarm is a local company with the German quality of products which is, along with our corporate social responsibility and commitment to the entire community, one of the reasons why the citizens trust us’, Aleksandar Veselinović, Director of Hemofarm d.o.o. Banjaluka, said.

Veselinović pointed out that the company developed owing to the commitment of all employees:
The support of Hemofarm Group and STADA Group, investments in employees, their education, as well as keeping up with the international standards in pharmacy, investment in state-of-the-art equipment and production in accordance with the international requirements, have given results for which each link in our chain of people deserves credit.

The factory in Banja Luka is, according to the technological solutions, one of the cutting edge factories in this part of the Balkans, which was put into operation in 2003. It covers the surface area of 10,000 square metre production complex with the production capacity of approximately 650 million of tablets per year.

The founder of the factory in Banja Luka is Hemofarm from Vrsac which has been the member of STADA Group, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in Germany, since 2006.