Necessary Partnership between Government and Private Sector
19. February 2015.
‘Pharmaceutical industry is a strategic business sector and the government has to provide adequate legal and economic environment for business predictability, as well as to define the mechanisms for protection of local pharmaceutical manufacturers through a constructive dialogue and partnership with the private’ - Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications in Hemofarm concluded at the conference ‘Pharmacy – Challenges and Perspectives in 2015’ held in ‘Metropol’ Hotel.

The aim of the conference was to discuss the major challenges and possibilities of further development of the pharmaceutical industry in Serbia within the announced comprehensive structural reforms and accession of Serbia in the EU, with examples of good practice in an open debate of all participants, from the state institutions through healthcare and professional organizations to representatives of the pharmaceutical sector.

‘As the first pharmaceutical exporter of Serbia and fifth in the overall economy, Hemofarm significantly contributes to the total budget of Serbia and employs a large number of people, but it also faces problems of inefficient administration and discouraging pricing policy. We meet all European and global standards with regard to quality of medicines. The citizens declared that we are a pharmaceutical brand, which is most trusted. We are also ready for an open dialogue with the government,’ Sanda Savić pointed out.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health, Directors of Clinical Centre of Serbia and Clinical Centre of Niš, representatives of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia, pharmacies within the Clinical Centre of Serbia and Torlak Institute for Virology, Vaccines and Serums took part in a constructive discussion about the current problems and further development directions of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Difficulties the local manufacturers face, attitude of the government towards pharmaceutical industry, drug pricing policy, cooperation of pharmaceutical companies with Republic Health Insurance Fund, necessity for amendment of Law on Public Procurement and the future of the pharmaceutical industry in Serbia were discussed at the conference.