The laboratory in Timisoara has been opened
04. August 2011.
The new laboratory at four levels, each with 800 square meters is within the company Hemofarm STADA S.r.l. in Timisoara. The laboratory has been constructed within the Technology Park and people well acquainted with economic situation in this region say that it is the largest investment in Timisoara in the last three years.

The laboratory, headed by Geđa Trifu, has started its operations, and testing of approximately thirty products has already been performed on state-of-the-art equipment in really first class conditions. The laboratory has certainly been granted all required certificates, and it performs analyses of products manufactured in the EU countries and non-EU countries, which means medicinal products manufactured in the plants of STADA in Germany, Hemofarm from Vršac, as well as other plants. The laboratory, which functions according to the European pharmaceutical quality control and assurance standards, will provide services also for other clients. The facility has been designed and constructed with the optimum conditions for capacity expansion.

The laboratory started operating precisely in two shifts, and it was officially opened yesterday, on August 3rd, by an internal ceremony.

The meeting was greeted by the Managing Director of Hemofarm, Wolfram Heinisch, while Dr. Axel Mueller, member of the Executive Board of STADA and Vice-President in charge of Production spoke about the laboratory goals and perspectives. Mr. Fritz Kloeter, Vice-President of STADA in charge of Quality Control and Assurance, took the opportunity to emphasize the contribution and express gratitude to the groups which participated in the realization of this manifoldly valuable project, including Quality Control headed by Tanja Tomić, Director of Quality Control and Assurance, while the Division headed by Biljana Oluić is directly responsible for quality assurance.

Other associates from the vertical headed by Sonja Pejović, primarily from Production, also gave their contribution, and Olivera Vujnović, Deputy Director of Production, was present on their behalf, as well as other divisions which gave their support and certainly, Hemofarm Engineering, which designed the facility and performed surveillance over the works. All this was accompanied by the special care and support of Hemofarm STADA S.r.l. and its Director Aleksandar Mihaj. Mr. Heinisch, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Kloeter and Mr. Mihaj opened the laboratory by jointly cutting the rope tying a bunch of balloons in the colours of STADA and Hemofarm with the symbolic message to be all jointly led on the paths of success by set plans, good cooperation and unhidden ambitions and contribution to the continuous growth and development of STADA Group just as the tied balloons in joint colours are flying towards the sky.