STADA Group’s new IT Service Centre set up in Hemofarm
09. September 2013.
Local expertise on global business map – an opportunity for IT experts

Recognizing professionalism and international experience of experts from IT Department at Hemofarm, STADA Group decided to establish a unique in-house service centre named ‘STADA IT Solutions d.o.o.

The new company has been established with a goal to provide IT services to entire STADA Group worldwide. It will employ 60 Hemofarm’s experts and another 25 new jobs will be created in the near future. Hemofarm has already initiated the recruitment process.

Engagement of domestic experts represents great acknowledgement of Hemofarm’s IT Department. Their education, competence and international experience provided for expanding operations of IT Department.

The company ‘STADA IT Solutions d.o.o.’ operates within Hemofarm AD which has been a part of STADA Group since 2006 and is its very respectable member. Services, which will be provided by the company, will comprise consulting, development and comprehensive support to contemporary information systems and new projects, at the beginning, mostly in SAP, Microsoft.

This portfolio is planned to be even further expanded in the future. Establishment of STADA IT Solutions will provide better service quality, more efficient processes as well as budget savings, because STADA Group members will be getting a high-quality consultancy services under favourable terms that they have been outsourcing to external consultants so far.

The company ‘STADA IT Solutions d.o.o.’ will be managed by Angela Weissenberger, Vice President IT/CIO Corporate IT, STADA, and Dušan Milutinović, member of Board of Directors of Hemofarm in charge of finances.

‘This project of STADA Group expresses the trust in our IT-colleagues from Serbia with whom we have a very successful long-term cooperation and it shows the important role Hemofarm plays in the Group. The establishment of ‘STADA IT Solutions d.o.o.’ represents a great recognition for Serbian IT experts and a solution for great savings while preserving present jobs and creating new ones at the same time. The experience and competence of our IT colleagues from Hemofarm enable ‘STADA IT Solutions d.o.o.’ to become the international IT competence centre for the whole Group, eliminating the need to contract expensive consulting companies for implementing and improving SAP and Microsoft projects’, Angela Weissenberger stated.

The seat of the new company will be in Vršac, while a representative office will be opened in Belgrade.