Health is Calling You Telling you to Get Checked
07. November 2023.
The bill that men can pay due to irregular medical examinations can be very high, and the charges can be lifelong. This is especially true for men in their 40s and 50s, because these are the years when changes begin: the body begins to lose muscles, it is more prone to gaining weight, which increases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, and the risk of prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction increases.

On the other hand, men make 62 percent of internet users globally, who can save their health or improve the quality of life by replacing only an insignificant part of their time in front of the screen with dealing with prevention and visiting a doctor. Which examinations are of priority to men depends on their age and risk factors, bad habits and other, already present diseases.

The Movember movement is supported this year as well by the employees of Hemofarm in BiH and Serbia, and some of them traditionally grow moustaches as a sign of support. Hemofarm's ‘Moustache Men’ together say that visiting a doctor is a completely normal process in which there is no shame or embarrassment, but that examinations are not only done in November, but every month of the year.

’Get checked – is the only message and appeal that I can send. Do not wait for November to be reminded by someone of the importance of health. The path is simple: family doctor, specialist doctor, conversation and you will sleep peacefully’, says Vojislav Lalić, Senior Global IT Director of STADA GIS for Eastern Europe one of ‘Moustache Men’ from Hemofarm.

When to get checked? According to the latest recommendations men in their 20s should have their testicles examined once a year, as well as go for a skin examination for melanoma. In the 30s, the list of examinations includes, in addition to the examination of the testicles, detailed examinations of the urine, as well as examinations of the large intestine. In the 40s, a prostate examination is added to that list. Erectile dysfunction must not be ignored, because it can occur at any age. Although benign in nature, it can be the first symptom of serious health issues, including testicular and prostate cancer.

Researches showed that there is a clear connection between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases, because blood vessel damage is its underlying cause most often. If the seriousness of this problem is recognized in time, a whole series of serious cardiovascular events can be prevented. The appearance of erectile dysfunction is not only a health problem, but also has a great impact on the quality of life, both for men due to loss of self-confidence, low mood, and depression, as well as for their sexual partners who feel responsible for the problem.

‘Take some time away from social networks, games and the like and get checked. Stop staring at the screen, there is no solution to your problem. Time devoted to health should not be wasted time, but a good investment. You invest in your health, you invest in yourself and those who love you’, appeals Vehid Mahmutović, medical representative.

Nevertheless, instead of going to the doctor, due to the symptoms of ’impotence’ people often search for terms ’erectile dysfunction, treatment, impotence’ online in search of therapy for their problem. But, internet cannot provide you with a solution.

‘There is no guessing, speculations and embarrassment. You have a problem? Get checked and solve the problems, because there is no more room for them under that rug. There are no taboo topics in health, they just don't belong there. Pick up that rug right now and shake it out’, says Goran Manić, Associate in Hemofarm.

All of the above shows that it is very easy to visit a doctor and do a screening test at the right time. If the disease exists, these tests will help to detect it even before the symptoms, at an early stage, when most diseases are curable.

When you take your phone, see whether it is your health calling you, because it has something to tell you: Get checked!