Hemofarm wins two awards for safety and protection in the work place
25. April 2013.
Hemofarm won a second award for safety and protection in the work place, while our former colleague, Dušan Krajinović, is winner of “Plaketa 28” (Plaque 28)!

Namely, Administration for Work Safety and Health of the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Policy of Serbian Government today presented awards to legal entities, entrepreneurs and individuals regarding April 28th – World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Awards to companies with over 100 employees, which was presented on behalf of Hemofarm by Milan Smoljanović, General Affairs Sector Manager, was presented by Stana Božović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Policy.

Plaketa 28 for individuals that stopped conducting activities in sector of work safety and health due to illness or old age, and who worked actively on development and improvement of work safety and health, was presented to Dušan Krajinović, a man well known to everyone, who worked for 25 years as Officer for Work Safety in Hemofarm, and who retired in 2011, after 40 years of service.

Aside from Milan Smoljanović and the awarded Dušan Krajinović, the award ceremony was attended also by a small but efficient “crew”, i.e. our colleagues who take care of work safety and health of everyone in the company: Zorica Živojnov Krdu (Safety Service Manager) and Dalibor Radmanovac (Work Safety and Health Associate).

Protection from injuries and professional illnesses is not only maximally harmonized with legal frameworks at Hemofarm, but it is primarily focused on care about every employee. Percentage of injuries in our company is 1.6%, which is insignificant considering the number of employees, and on the other hand, most of these injuries aren’t injuries at work, but injuries that occurred during their coming to work and going from work, and falls due to tripping. We recognize this as work related injury and that is what makes us a CSR company, a company that takes care about its employees’, stated Milan Smoljanović.

First prize was awarded to BFC Lafarge Company, which has 350 workers.