Successfully Completed Campaign ‘I Also Donate for Blood’
10. February 2011.
Representatives of the General Hospital in Vršac, local self-government and Hemofarm Foundation have announced at the press conference on the occasion of completing the Humanitarian Campaign ‘I Also Donate (FOR) Blood’ held in the Hemofarm Foundation premises, that more than RSD 1.4 million was collected during two months for necessary replacement of medical devices in the Transfusion Service of the Regional Health Care Institution.

Seven hundred and sixty donors have contributed to the Campaign, and the raised funds are sufficient for renewing a part of the equipment and providing undisturbed operation of this and other wards in the Vršac Hospital. According to the announcement of Snežana Radočaj, the Executive Director of Hemofarm Foundation, RSD 1,403,650.09 in total, including also EUR 5,000 donated by Hemofarm company has been collected, out of which RSD 559,940.59 is from physical persons (employees with Hemofarm, General Hospital, Zannini and Millennium Centre have had a largest share), while RSD 843,709.50 is from legal entities and shops.

It is certain that the total figure is not the final one and that some other donations are expected these days, so, the total amount of raised funds will be further increased. However, regardless of that, the initial plans have been partly changed because reorganization of the Serbian Transfusion Service system has been foreseen, while the Vršac General Hospital will renew only those devices required for an undisturbed operation. Dr. Sredoje Đurić, the Hospital Director, also reminded that there have been no investments in the Transfusion Service for half a century and used the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Campaign and thus expressed solidarity.

‘We are thankful to everyone who has responded to the Campaign, because they have enabled us to function normally and provide adequate help to patients’, said Đurić.

The raised funds are, in any case, something which enables us to buy devices whereby we will meet the operation requirements of our Transfusion Service in line with the future reorganization, i.e., future legal regulations.