"Career in Pharmacy 2018" Project
01. April 2018.
In the capacity of a partner, Hemofarm AD participated in the Career in Pharmacy 2018 Project, held at the Belgrade Faculty of Pharmacy on 29th and 30th March. It is a central annual event which has an educational character and a character of a fair with the main objective of informing students about the latest tendencies and news in the field of pharmacy, through lectures and interactive workshops, as well as enabling the future professionals to create their own network of contacts through creating ties with representatives of pharmaceutical companies.

On the first day, Hemofarm’s team from the Human Resources Division participated in the ‘Pharma Marathon’, teaching students how to best present themselves to their potential employers through job interview simulations. As we did then, we now wish them lots of success, too!

The second day of the Project was particularly intensive and eventful.

This year’s subject of the Project - Digital Transformation, was exceptionally topical and important for further development of the healthcare system. On this occasion, our team organised an exceptionally well-attended workshop during which we presented the latest digital achievements in Hemofarm Company. Students had the opportunity to hear first-hand information from our colleagues about the ways in which digitalisation contributed to the development of the Hemofarm Quality Management Division, as well as in what ways digitalisation contributes to sustainable development and why sustainable development is generally important in life and work. One part of the workshop was devoted to digital means of product promotion to healthcare professionals including a presentation on how this form of promotion eases the work of our colleagues in the field. We also mentioned the method of data protection in the digital world and the way Hemofarm IT Division functioned in such situations. A certain portion of the workshop was devoted to the topic of e-recruitment, namely the contemporary digital channels by means of which students could find a job, as well as to the topic of two-way communication between the candidate and the employer. Our team made an effort to offer the participants of the interactive workshop an insight into various present-day topics and ways in which we approach them in Hemofarm.

Impressions of our colleagues:

Dušan Stojaković, Manager of Sustainable Development and Marketing at Hemofarm Company

I must admit that I got instantly interested in this year’s conference topic – Career in Pharmacy – Digitalisation. Our company is undergoing a process of digital transformation, which is one of the pillars of sustainable development. In addition to representing a confirmation of the highest level of our awareness and responsibility, digitalisation and sustainable development enable us to examine the needs of patients and the healthcare system even better as well as to harmonise our business operation with the modern trends and forthcoming challenges. In this manner, we secure stability and sustainability of Hemofarm in a dynamic environment, offering wholehearted support to the local healthcare system. As a company which pays special attention to the dialogue with stakeholders, on this occasion we found it important to hear how students of pharmacy viewed us, and also to learn something from them. They are millennials – generations that think digitally and have completely different views of the world. Before long, they will become professionals with whom we will together take care of people’s health. We presented Hemofarm in a slightly different light and they had the opportunity to bring their views and thinking closer to us. For me, this was a wonderful opportunity to have an interdisciplinary team talk about digitalisation in Hemofarm and in pharmacy in general. I am sure that we inspired these young people, at least judging by the attention they devoted to us, the multitude of questions asked and the wish to remain in touch.

Stevan Kanački, Deputy IT Director

I am delighted by the very impression that new generations of students show great interest and have great expectations, since it is exactly the young people we are going to get with digitalisation. I was honoured to introduce them in a short address to the essence of the benefit of new technologies of work and communications as well as to inform them of a possibility of helping them achieve their ambitions and contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals. I hope their impressions of our company appeared on social networks, spreading the story further of a healthy future for all of us.

Lana Stamenković, Coordinator for Transformation and Projects in Human Resources Division

Participating in this project was an exceptional experience, and if I were to highlight the most impressive details, this would before all include the phenomenal energy of the young people who were preparing this event for five months – their degree of devotion, enthusiasm and energy was extraordinary! I am pleased that I had the opportunity to talk to the students at the workshop about the way they wished to build their careers, to present them the initial steps they had to take and the opportunities we as a company offered to graduates without any work experience.

Vladimir Cekić, Team Leader for Testing Starting Materials, Hemofarm Quality Control

I was really pleased to participate in this project and collaborate with the colleagues from other divisions. The positive approach and excellent organisation of the people who worked together for the first time was crucial for such a project to be completed. I was also honoured to return to my faculty and share with the students at least a part of the experience I had gained in the meantime. The organisation and energy of these young people left a really positive impression on me. This event gathered the pharmaceutical leaders of the region who contributed to the interesting and dynamic discussions and lectures, supported by the professional staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The collaboration on this project was a great experience for me, too, while through their efforts, proactive approach and broadminded ideas, the students helped all of us learn something new.

Dajana Švraka Milutinović, Medical Representative

I was really delighted and inspired by the fact that I had the opportunity to convey my experiences to my future colleagues who were soon due to start their professional careers in pharmaceutical industry.

We wish to congratulate the organisational team of the Career in Pharmacy 2018 Project on outstanding organisation and devotion to the project!