Hemomont opens a new "Snup" plant in Podgorica
11. July 2018.
‘Hemomont’, the first pharmaceutical factory in Montenegro, a Hemofarm and STADA Group member company, has officially opened a new plant for production of sterile nasal sprays ‘SNUP’ in Podgorica. 5.3 million euro invested in the plant construction and equipping has provided the jobs for additional 30 employees, while three million packs are planned to be manufactured on a monthly basis.

The nasal spray ‘SNUP’ in the doses for children and adults, which will be exported to nine international markets, will be produced in the new plant, covering the surface area of 1,700 square meters. On this occasion, Snežana Perović, Executive Director of Hemomont, has reminded the attendees that, over the course of previous 24 years, Hemomont has grown from a small factory for production of simple infusion solutions into a company which is the leader in pharmaceutical industry and one of the top exporters in Montenegro. This is also acknowledged by the fact that ever since its foundation to date, Hemomont has increased both the number of products in its product range and employees by seven times.

The plant, which is located within the company Hemomont, has been officially opened by Milo Đukanović, the President of Montenegro, and Dr. Ronald Seeliger, Vice President of STADA Group and the CEO of the leading regional pharmaceutical company ‘Hemofarm’, which is the majority owner of Hemomont.

‘Hemofarm is the regional hub of STADA Group for the Central and South-East European markets, responsible for as many as 13 countries, and Montenegro is an integral part of our business operations within this cluster. Since 2006 when it became our parent company to date, STADA has invested 12.5 million euro in modernization of Hemomont plants. Hemomont products are exported to 11 markets, and we are willing to work even more. I would like to thank the Government of Montenegro and our other partners for good cooperation during the previous years, and I would like to express particular gratitude to employees for motivation and diligent work, because without them and their committed work, we would not be where we are today’, the CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group Dr. Ronald Seeliger said.

The state of Montenegro is in the ownership structure of Hemomont, besides Hemofarm. Hemomont’s leadership position in pharmaceutical industry confirms that the partnership relation between the state and private sector can be a success story, when operations are run in a responsible manner.

‘STADA has recognized our efforts in creating a stable economic system in which it is possible to generate profit, and it has continued investing. This time, the investment is worth 5.3 million euro, and besides a new technology, it brings 30 quality production-related jobs to Montenegro. For our country, each production-related job is precious, as it represents a contribution to the growth of production and export, as well as to long-term sustainability and competitiveness of Montenegrin economy. This investment will enable a growth of production and income by approximately 50 percent in 2018 as compared to the previous year. Therefore, it is still an affirmation of a model in which both the investor and the state are in a win-win position. I invite esteemed investors to continue expanding business operations in Montenegro, to mutual benefit’, the President of the state Milo Đukanović said.

Apart from the new plant, Hemomont has also presented the new waste water treatment system, one of the first of the kind in Montenegro. The waste water treatment plant, worth half a million euro, will contribute to better protection of the environment and safety of Hemomont complex, as well as wider area. By this move, Hemomont continues being a pioneer and a driver of a new industry, as well as one of the leaders in education and raising the awareness on the responsible attitude to environment.