German Ambassador Supported ’The Most Important Call in Life’
31. March 2017.
German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittmann and the actors of Atelje 212 as well as participants of the Belgrade Dance Festival signed the donor cards at the ceremony organized by Hemofarm Foundation as the continuation of the campaign ’The Most Important Call in Life’. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, Hemofarm Foundation continues the intensive campaign of raising citizens’ awareness about the significance of organ donation and increase of transplantation number in Serbia.

The host of the event, CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group for the South East Europe, dr Ronald Seeliger, who is the owner of two donor cards in Germany and Serbia, said that this year was crucial for the adoption of the Law on Transplantation which would be the confirmation of all the efforts made by the initiators of this campaign.

’Over the course of the last year and cooperating with the Ministry of Health, we have contributed to raising awareness of people that anyone can be in the position to wait for an organ. Only when we start talking open-mindedly about organ donation can we consider Serbia equal to others on the European map of humanity’, said Seeliger.

At the beginning of this year, Serbia has become a member of Eurotransplant, the European association of eight countries including Germany with shared waiting lists. This was supported symbolically by the German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittmann, who signed the donor card.

’Unfortunately, the need for organs is much higher than the actual number of donors not only in Serbia but also in Germany. Therefore, it is extremely important to inform the people objectively about the procedures and importance of donations. Organ donation which is done in proper conditions is a nice and modern expression of solidarity: it provides dignity for a dying person enabling him or her to be the life support to others; it shows the noble care and respect for other people’s lives and gives you the sense of humanity. This is the reason why I am today signing the donor card and encourage you to do the same.’