Red Dresses – A Heart-Preserving Code
30. March 2017.
‘Colour in Red. Wholeheartedly’ has not been only the name of the humanitarian fashion show organized by Hemofarm Foundation and Klik Agency within the Belgrade Fashion Week, but also the message by which numerous celebrity ladies, acting as models, have reminded of the importance of the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Besides being the colour of love, red colour was thus also the colour of alert which has been a reminder of the alarming statistics indicating that every second man and every third woman in Serbia dies of a heart disease.

‘Red dresses have become a heart-preserving code also in Serbia’ – the CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group for South East Europe Dr. Ronald Seeliger said on the occasion of opening the fashion show, noting that the motive of this campaign is to motivate women to prevent numerous risk factors by caring for their heart.

Emphasizing that women are the most precious beauties of Serbia, Seeliger expressed his hope that the Serbian women would understand the messages sent also by this fashion show ‘because it is important that they are healthy at least as much as they are beautiful’.

Sanda Savić, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications of Hemofarm and a member of the Management Board of Hemofarm Foundation, reminded that most people wrongly believe that breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women, emphasizing that it is an inaccurate belief, also because women have in the meantime learnt to regularly undergo mammography. ‘Unfortunately, women do not pay sufficient attention to the heart, but they should, because as much as 50% of women die of infarction‘ – Sanda Savić said.

The following celebrity ladies therefore appeared not only as the models in red dresses in the fashion show, but also as the promoters of the most important messages contributing to the prevention of heart diseases: Tamara Bakić, Biljana Krstić, Ana Sofrenović, Mira Hreljac, Katarina Gromilić, Lena Kovačević, Tanja Petrović, Snežana Savić, Dubravka Marković, Katarina Gojković, Nela Mihajlović, Suzana Petričević, Suzana Mančić, and Lokica Stefanović.

Seventeen renowned national designers designed red dresses for them, thus giving their contribution to the promotion of healthy lifestyle and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as follows: Ana Ljubinković, Alexandar Nikolich, Biljana Tipsarević, Boško Jakovljević, Boris Čakširan, Dejana Momčilović, Dragana Ognjenović, Iva Stefanović, Jelena Stefanović, Jovana Marković, Marija Sinđelić, Predrag Đuknić, Svetlana Jaćović, Valentina Obradović, Vlada Savić, and Verica Rakočević.