Hemofarm Employees in Blood Donation Drive
26. January 2017.
Employees of Hemofarm AD and Hemofarm Foundation have massively responded to the call of competent healthcare institutions and donated blood voluntarily. Blood for patients waiting for surgeries was donated by employees from Belgrade, Vršac and Šabac offices of Hemofarm, and Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications Centre and member of the Board of Directors of Hemofarm Foundation, was with the employees at the Serbian Blood Transfusion Institute.

‘It is difficult to remain insensitive to numerous life challenges faced by so many people around us. And nowadays, it seems to me more than ever, it is a great test of humaneness. We are focused on health, but also outside of our business orientation, we try to be good neighbours and colleagues and fulfil the personal mission of humaneness. Participating in humanitarian drives such as blood donation, but also in those such as support to organ donation, is a priority in the area of social responsibility for us in Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation, Sanda Savić said.

Gordana Antuljeskov, PR officer of the Serbian Blood Transfusion Institute noted that other companies which do not engage in blood donation drives should do the same in their communities. ‘Since seasonal blood deficit appears in certain periods of the year, it is necessary to ensure continuous and timely supply of healthcare institutions with quantities of blood necessary for treating patients, and the Institute must collect approximately 300 units of blood every day in order to provide transfusion for patients in the worst conditions, not just from Belgrade, but from whole Serbia and this region’, Antuljeskov said.   

As the largest pharmaceutical company in the region, Hemofarm has had very active blood donor organizations for many years, and, as needed, it has been responding to calls of competent transfusion institutes in urgent situations.