Transforming Business You Transform Yourself
We live in times when consumers have a sea of information available only a click away, which makes transformation an imperative for each brand and each company. However, when we say transformation, this does not only refer to businesses and brands, but also to consumers. If habits of consumers are changing rapidly and if we fail to catch up with them, our brand is in trouble.

As someone who has spent considerable amount of time in marketing, I firmly believe that digital communications and e-trade are of great importance for growth and success of every business. They deeply influence the way in which we do business, the way we communicate with our target groups and offer our products, especially in unpredictable times. The moment the humankind faced the pandemic, digital communications and e-trade became a straw to clutch at for all brands and that accelerated digitalisation in all fields. This is why today, even after the pandemic, digital channels have remained the key for us to link in, communicate, and ensure availability of our products.

At the heart of everything, I never forget our mission. The job I perform is devoted to protection of health and improvement of lives of all patients and this is exactly what has been facilitated by digital communications. Not only can we reach a larger number of people, but we can also offer a more personalised support and educative materials through our digital channels.

In addition, Hemofarm offers a comprehensive package of digital tools which make it easier to healthcare professionals and patients to connect with us. Via our web page or our social network presence, we are always available to our clients, offering them useful resources and support 24 hours a day. All this has been improving the level of services we offer, as we are simultaneously reaching an even broader public and strengthening our brand recognition.

Moreover, digital communications and e-trade represent a valuable source information for us with the aid of which we can better understand behaviour of consumers, purchasing patterns and based on that, improve our products and services, and make the content we offer even more relevant. This is a powerful tool which helps us assess the satisfaction of customers, forecast future trends more easily, and constantly improve our offer.

As you can see, I am a great advocate of digital communications and e-trade in pharmaceutical industry.

Embracing all the new achievements, we are transforming the way in which we operate, in order to remain a trusted partner in caring for health of all people and in order to continue changing lives for the better. This is the future of pharma business for Hemofarm and we are going to continue investing in innovations in order to build a better future for everyone.

Author’s text for Marketing mreža magazine