Centre for Industrial Pharmacy Established
18. April 2016.
The Centre for Industrial Pharmacy was established at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade with an aim of improving the status and developing the knowledge of pharmacists and employees in pharmaceutical industry.&

The purpose of the newly established Centre will, inter alia, also be to monitor and implement the global trends in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, as the umbrella organization for pharmacists and employees in the pharmaceutical industry, it shall help the healthcare system recognize pharmaceutical manufacturers as its integral and inseparable part.

Trying to further contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system of Serbia and health of the nation, Hemofarm has supported the establishment of the Centre.

The Founding Assembly was attended by representatives of Hemofarm: Biljana Stupar (Director of Research and Development), Tanja Tomić (Director of Quality Control), Staša Vuković (Deputy Director of Research and Development), Branka Palurović (Manager of the Team for Strategic Projects), Ivana Filipović (Chief of Regulatory Department in Serbia) and Vesna Cvrkota (Head of Transfer Service in Research and Development Division).

Vesna Cvrkota, Head of Transfer Service in Hemofarm R&D, notes that employees in the pharmaceutical industry neither are formally a part of the healthcare system, nor have been recognized by the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia, although pharmaceutical products, medicines and other products are used precisely for medical purposes.

’Continuous innovations and introduction of new regulations, as well as the status of employees in the pharmaceutical industry, have clearly pointed to the necessity for the formation of an ’institution’, i.e. Centre for Industrial Pharmacy, which as the umbrella organization of pharmacists and employees in the pharmaceutical industry should enable colleagues continuous exchange of ideas, information, as well as organization of professional meetings with topics that will address trends in pharmaceutical development, quality assurance and quality control, production and registration of medicines’, Cvrkota explains.

Members of the Centre for Industrial Pharmacy of the Faculty of Pharmacy can include all experts involved in the activities of development and research, registration, production, quality assurance and quality control employed in the pharmaceutical industry, affiliates and representative offices of pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies, interested in continuous improvement of knowledge and quality in the field of industrial pharmacy.

Hemofarm experts will be actively included in the work of focus groups in charge of reviewing topical issues, novelties and dilemmas which representatives of pharmaceutical industry face.

One of the first major activities of the Centre for Industrial Pharmacy this year will be the organization of the XI Central European Symposium of Pharmaceutical Technology in Belgrade at the end of September.