Mission and vision
Since 1960 already, we have wished you all the best, because we know that good health is the greatest treasure.
We seek to achieve business success relying on three strategic directions – growth, innovative approach and organisational excellence. We base our growth on continuous sales of up-to-date and available pharmaceutical products, as well as on winning new promising markets. Through an innovative approach, we improve and develop the company in new directions. In synergy with our core business, our goal is to care about the health of the nation in the best possible way. Organisational excellence of our company consists of a set of tools and techniques for better efficacy and efficiency of the company, such as rationalisation and cost cutting, contemporary HR methods and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Albeit being very important for the business operation, technologies, processes and numbers are not our only focus. Hemofarm is a company that enters the homes of people every day – this is why your trust is very important for us.
Hemofarm’s vision is to be the leading company in the domain of care for health.
Our entire approach to business is based on four key values which also determine our corporate identity.
  • AGILITY - Each and everyone of us leads change with flexibility and decisiveness as part of our ongoing journey of personal development.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Each and everyone of us drives new ideas and actions, creating future growth and value.
  • INTEGRITY - Each and everyone of us acts ethically in line with the company’s internal and external standards. Our actions are led by speaking up and respect.
  • ONE STADA - Each and everyone of us acts in the best interests of the company as a whole rather than our business unit or function in order to build one successful STADA.
  • The future doesn’t just happen; like history, it is made. We act with AGILITY because adapting to change faster than the competition is the most important factor of success. We believe in ENTREPRENEURSHIP because the ideas and actions of each and every one of us are the sparks that ignite future growth. We put INTEGRITY and respect for one and other first whenever standards and qualities are concerned. In order to act in the best interest of the overall company we embrace the concept of ONE STADA. The future is in our hands – together we can write a new chapter.
    Focusing on growth, innovations and operating excellence, we are developing Hemofarm as a modern and responsible company. Take this as a promise – through the improvement and development of Hemofarm, we will continue contributing to the sustainable development of the entire society.
    All the Best!
    dr Ronald Seeliger, CEO