Social Responsibility
Hemofarm Foundation
In 2018, Hemofarm Foundation marked 25 years of existence during which it implemented as many as 2,000 activities worth EUR 12 million in total, within which it supported and helped numerous healthcare institutions, clinical hospital centres, maternity hospitals, and health centres by donations of medical devices and equipment, as well as schools and kindergartens, cultural institutions, sports associations, and events. Numerous socially significant infrastructure projects have been launched and implemented, and hundreds of projects have been implemented in the fields of education, culture, environmental protection and sport with the aim of improving the quality of life of all citizens.
During 2018, Foundation implemented 86 activities worth approximately half a million euros.

The largest number of activities, as many as 27, were implemented within Wholeheartedly for Health programme through Donation and Sponsorship programmes aimed at institutional empowerment, while 19 activities were implemented within Wholeheartedly for Knowledge programme, and 3 activities within Wholeheartedly for Culture programme. There were 173 partnerships established with key stakeholders - system institutions, international community, civil sector, media, and prominent individuals.
Donations in the form of medical devices and equipment were granted to healthcare institutions in underdeveloped municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Assistance in purchasing of ECGs, defibrillators, aspirators, and other medical equipment – devices for improving working conditions was provided to Public Healthcare Institution ‘Sveti Sava’ Šekovići, Public Healthcare Institution, ‘Health Centre’ Kneževo, Public Healthcare Centre Donji Vakuf, and healthcare institution Health Centre Ključ.
June 6th – National Donor Day – at the initiative of Hemofarm Foundation and based on activities carried out within of the organ donation and transplantation campaign The Most Important Call in Life, the National Donor Day was established in 2016, and Human Organ Transplantation Law was adopted in July 2018, which is at the same time the major success of this campaign.
Don’t let it burst
The campaign for prevention of high blood pressure Don't let it burst, has been launched for the purpose of raising the health culture and encouraging people to regularly check their blood pressure; in memory of those who failed to beat this disease, Hemofarm Foundation released 6,639 red balloons into the sky at the beginning of the ‘Fun Run’ within the 31st Belgrade Marathon.
Hemofarm Foundation Academy
There were 127 continuous medical education programmes attended by 11,934 health professionals within the support to the education programme for health professionals and pharmacists.
Scholarship programme
The annual Scholarship Programme has continued, supporting 60 scholarship holders through various scholarship programmes, with an additional support and assistance to children of deceased employees; the second cycle of Mentoring Programme as a form of additional support to scholarship holders has been successfully implemented, with the aim of encouraging personal and professional development, and strengthening the capacity of pharmaceutical and medical professionals and experts, as well as creating a positive environment for employment of young people in Serbia.