Hemofarm attaches great importance to quality, actual and continuous communication based on transparency, respect and trust with patients, product consumers, professionals, media, and representatives of both local self-government and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
The needs of patients, product consumers and the general population are crucial for the company.

Special attention is also paid to all stakeholders: professionals, media, regulatory authorities, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and above all – employees.

The culture of dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders is one of the Hemofarm’s business priorities and is being continuously improved.
The Corporate Affairs and Communications Centre is constantly facing the challenge of harmonising interests of all stakeholders to the maximum possible extent, while appreciating good partnership relations. The Centre is responsible for corporate communications with both internal and external public, while the Marketing Division is in charge of communication with professional public, i.e. doctors and pharmacists.
Hemofarm’s Internal Communications
Hemofarm’s internal communication is primarily focused on the dialogue with Hemofarm employees.
The corporate INtranet is the most significant channel of internal communications. News, video-footage and photos about Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation activities are regularly updated on this portal. In addition to providing timely information to employees, Intranet also enables access to necessary corporate documents, rule books, etc.
Hemofarm’s External Communications
Corporate Affairs and Communications unit is in charge of the integrated communication at the level of Hemofarm, with a significant role in providing support to all organizational units aimed at enabling the highest quality communication with stakeholders possible.
Collaboration with Professionals and Local Self-governments
Among its employees, Hemofarm has many highly qualified and experienced experts from various scientific fields. All of them, together with state and social institutions, make their expertise available, both in operational and strategic terms, during the review and public debates relating to the preparation or amendments to rules, strategies, plans and other regulations. Through continuous contacts and collaboration with representatives of local self-governments in the territory on which Hemofarm operates, it contributes to the development of the economy of local communities and the creation of an even better business and social environment.
Modern Communication Channels
Modern communication channels enable Hemofarm to obtain and hear entire feedback from stakeholders and to initiate active dialogues with them. Hemofarm therefore pays ever more attention to communications with various online target groups and responds to all questions received via social networks on a daily basis irrespective of whether the information on products from our portfolio or advice about improving the quality of life and better health is concerned.

Fostering the relations with the media, we inform the public about the company’s latest news, new products, and achieved business results on a daily basis.