WHOLEHEARTEDLY Drive: Cap for Handicap
18. February 2015.
With an honest wish and in the best intention to support the people who need help the most, Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation have WHOLEHEARTEDLY joined the Cap for Handicap drive of the Association of Paraplegics of South Banat, which implies collecting plastic caps of PET packaging material aimed at purchasing the necessary wheelchairs for disabled persons by the money raised from caps recycling.

The boxes envisaged for caps collecting are placed at the most frequently visited locations in the factories and business premises of Hemofarm, Hemofarm Foundation and STADA IT Solutions.

The drive has been initiated because, unfortunately, a large number of ill persons cannot afford wheelchairs necessary for everyday living. About five tons of caps should be recycled for purchasing one wheelchair, and one common plastic cap weights a bit more than one gram. Since the beginning of the drive in May 2012 to date, the Association of Paraplegics of South Banat, in cooperation with companies, schools and organizations which involved in collection of caps, purchased 14 wheelchairs and 10 anti-decubitus mattresses. The drive is unlimited in terms of duration, and besides the humanitarian mission, it also has an ecological character contributing to environmental protection, which is completely in accordance with sustainable development as an integral part of Hemofarm’s business operations.