Hemomont Marked 20 Years of Work
12. November 2014.
Today, the first pharmaceutical factory in Montenegro, Hemomont, has marked 20 years of growth and development. At the cocktail reception marking this significant anniversary, well-deserved awards were received by 28 colleagues who marked their jubilee work in Hemomont and they were presented to them by CEO of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger and Executive Director of Hemomont, Snežana Perović.

’Hemomont is a member of Hemofarm and STADA Group family. Thanks to you, over the previous two decades, Hemomont has been intensively developing, in spite of the transition in the country, strengthening both market positions of Hemofarm and its place within STADA Group. Hemomont, the first pharmaceutical company in Montenegro is today a reliable partner of the healthcare system, leader in the domestic pharmaceutical market that exports more than 80% of the total output - and we have just embarked on our joint journey. STADA will invest in Podgorica additionally more than 5 million EUR for manufacture of sterile nasal sprays. I believe that, in spite of even greater challenges that are ahead of us, we will continue, as we have done so far - to improve our family in a responsible, dedicated way and as a team’, said Ronald Seeliger congratulating the anniversary to Hemomont’s employees.

At its beginning, Hemomont manufactured only ten simple infusion solutions.

Today, Hemomont manufactures 54 products, among others infusions, ophthalmologic products, nose drops, syrups, capsules, tablets and film-coated tablets – cephalosporin antibiotics. We are proud that we have managed to increase by five times not only our production portfolio, but also the number of employees and today there are 140 of them. The annual output of Hemomont is about ten million of packs, and by exporting 85 to 90 percent of them into the European markets, we give great impetus to the economic development of Montenegro and set the example of a success story within the broader group that we belong to’, said Snežana Perović

The jubilee year will also be marked by the beginning of work within the project of waste water treatment system construction, whereby Hemomont will reaffirm its environmental commitment. 

After the cocktail party for the employees, a celebration was also organized which was attended, apart from the management of Hemofarm and Hemomont, also by the Minister of Health of Montenegro, Miodrag Radunović, as well as by representatives of Government, health institutions, business partners...

As a reminder, beside Hemofarm, the Government of Montenegro and Montenegrin Health Fund participate in the ownership structure of Hemomont.