Ronald Seeliger Received Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award
30. March 2016.
Dr Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm CEO, is the winner of the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award for extraordinary business results in 2015. In addition to the award plaque, the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award for prominent individuals also includes prize money, which Dr Ronald Seeliger donated to Paratransplant, theNovi Sad based Association of Transplantation Patients.

‘Three years ago, the Chamber of Commerce awarded Hemofarm for contribution to the development of economy in Vojvodina, as well as in entire Serbia. This award is also an award for Hemofarm, because it is not my personal success, but a success of the team and people I lead who achieve incredible results on a daily basis, both in the domain of production and in the domain of contribution to the health of the nation. We support the healthcare system and social projects, by means of donations and in other ways, such as the PROLONG LIFE national campaign is. For the second consecutive year, Hemofarm Foundation has supported this campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Health, promoting the importance of transplantation and increase of the number of donors. I would like to thank the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce for this award, which I see as an obligation for all of us in Hemofarm to cherish our achievements and invest even more effort in the years to come’, said Dr Ronald Seeliger.

Due to his business commitments, Dr Ronald Seeliger did not attend the award ceremony held at the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce in Novi Sad, so that Joan Duru Popić, Hemofarm Business Development Manager, received the award on his behalf.

The Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce Award is a traditional recognition which has been awarded since 1964 for significant results in economy to companies and individuals who managed to achieve major results in business in extremely difficult conditions of running business, by investing huge efforts, knowledge and abilities.