Vuka Vuka - Solution for Male Problems
25. February 2016.
We are pleased to inform you that Hemofarm’s wide range of products now includes Vuka Vuka®, a dietary supplement in a tablet form, which is a combination of biologically active ingredients that contribute to the maintenance of the following functions in men:

• Healthy sexual function

• Potency

• Normal function of the prostate

Vuka Vuka® is the right solution of male problems without side effects!

Vuka Vuka® contains a natural herbal complex, a source of flavonoids, saponins and tannin isolated from rare medicinal plants that grow in Southern Africa, with quadruple effects:

• stimulates the central nervous system in the psychogenic erectile dysfunction

• delays premature ejaculation

• strengthens sexual potency

• improves blood flow to the area of the pelvis

Method of administration: Adult men take 2 tablets daily, with a meal.

Vuka Vuka is a safe product and it does not cause addiction!

A unique combination of natural healing powers, secrets of ancient medicine and the latest scientific advances make the product Vuka Vuka irreplaceable for the modern man.

You gain confidence in your own power and get sexual satisfaction with Vuka Vuka!