Excellent Mark for 55 Years of Existence
16. December 2015.
Production in billions of tablets, investments in millions of euros, markets on three continents, among the top ten exporters from the country for decades – this is the summary of the year of jubilee for Hemofarm.

As one of the most important ambassadors of our economy which makes the name of Serbia more prominent on the European pharmaceutical map, Hemofarm has had an excellent year.

It has celebrated the 55th anniversary, retained the production record of 4 billion tablets, launched a new ampoule plant, passed strict control of 25 international and local inspections, got the status of  Authorized Economic Operator and assessed as A for sustainable development. 

There is enough room for a jubilee in 2016 as well – it will be the year of celebrating the 10th anniversary of unity between the German knowledge and Serbian experience through synergy between Hemofarm and STADA Group.

‘Numbers are important indicator of our success, but what I always like to emphasize is that there is something even more important – people. When I say people I include both our employees and our partners and associates. They are our most precious asset. Therefore, we will continue developing our portfolio in the future in accordance with the global standards and also according to the patients’ needs. Together with Hemofarm Foundation, the partner of the Ministry of Health, we shall continue fighting for more humane society, for better situation in the healthcare system in Serbia, for health of each one of us!’, Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm said at the New Year's party.

Next year, Hemofarm is planning to open a new building for quality control, launch new products and keep a position of the pharmaceutical leader in the region.