Adria Media Employees Signed Donor Cards
27. October 2015.
Journalists, editors, and directors of Adria Media Group hosted in their headquarters Professor Nenad Milojičić, Head of Biomedicine Directorate of the Ministry of Health, and former athlete Sandra Stojanović, to whom a kidney was donated.

This lecture was organized by Hemofarm Foundation and AMG with the intention to help in improving the appalling statistics of Serbia in organ donation. After the lecture, colleague-journalists and other employees in this media company signed donor cards, thus adding one more human feature to their role of readers’ ’advocates’.

I kindly ask state authorities to simplify the procedure to the largest possible extent and to introduce the default consent for organ donation in Serbia. Only in such a way we will improve the statistics and make the specific achievement in increasing the number of organs for transplantation’, Dragan Bjelogrlić, our famous actor and producer, said at the lecture on organ donation held for the employees of Adria Media Group.

Hemofarm Foundation has launched the action WHOLEHERTEDLY FOR LIFE, and it has recently joined the campaign PROLONG LIFE, conducted by the Ministry of Health for years back in the attempt to promote organ donation as an act of supreme humanity.

Hemofarm Foundation is strongly focused on continuous social education of all social groups in order to move Serbia forward from the rear position of the list according to the number of donors in Europe.

’Continuous discussions about the topic of importance of donation, breaking down prejudices, and simplification of procedures for making donations are the best way for citizens to understand the preciousness of this act. The decision of Adria Media to get involved speaks in favour of the fact that the management team has recognized to which extent the media are important for raising awareness and educating population. We in Hemofarm Foundation have initiated a series of lectures on this topic. We have also become a partner of the Ministry of Health with the intention to make the donation a practice, rather than an incidental event in the society. In order to achieve this, the media are essential. In this regard, I would like to thank Adria Media for recognizing the significance of this topic’, Sanda Savić, Director of Hemofarm Corporate Affairs and a member of Management Board of Hemofarm Foundation, said.

Adria Media is the first media-publishing company in Serbia which has supported the initiative of Hemofarm Foundation and the Ministry of Health.

AMG is always ready to support humanitarian actions. If today’s event will result in saving of at least one life tomorrow, it is a success of all of us together. We want to help, not only in media terms. We want to draw attention of the public and our readers in particular and invite them to join this humane story. Moreover, all of us who work in AMG are ready to contribute, by personal example, to making a better image of Serbia when donation is concerned. We cannot allow Serbia to be on the bottom of the European scale in terms of organ donation. We are a humane nation and we have shown it in a multitude of situations. Our citizens have always helped each other. When it comes to donation issue, it is necessary to eliminate prejudices by diligent work and make the system of providing information about this topic more efficient. AMG is prepared to do its part of the job. We are thankful to today’s lecturers, the Ministry of Health and Hemofarm company which has recognized the importance of this topic and invested its reputation and resources in achieving success by our joint efforts’, Nikola Papak, Director of Corporate Affairs of Adria Media Group, said.

We can save minimum four lives with one donor card. There are only three donors per million citizens in Serbia, and there should be as much as ten of them. Irrespective of the difficulties, our healthcare system has good professionals who successfully perform heart, kidney and liver transplantations in the transplantation centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

The campaign PROLONG LIFE WHOLEHERTEDLY is aimed at promoting the status of Serbia in the scale of donors through continuous education of citizens in the upcoming period and become one of humane countries in which citizens demonstrate awareness and cherish care for others.