Hemofarm in the Drive ‘Cap for Handicap’
30. September 2015.
The employees of Hemofarm collected about 600 kilograms of plastic caps for the Association of Paraplegics and Quadriplegics of Banat. In support of the drive ‘Cap for Handicap’, half a year ago, Hemofarm Foundation initiated collection of plastic caps in all Hemofarm’s facilities in Serbia. The goal is to use the funds raised through the caps recycling for purchase of as many wheelchairs as possible to serve the needs of the Association members.

This is another humanitarian drive of Hemofarm Foundation done under the slogan WHOLEHERTEDLY, and out of all companies participating in the project, Hemofarm has collected the highest number of caps.

We do not see the ‘Cap for Handicap’ as a project any more but this drive has become a part of our daily work routine. We have placed boxes for collection of caps on several locations in Hemofarm’s factories, and we also place mobile installations during the important events in Serbia. People with disabilities often face not only the physical, but also psychological barriers and misunderstanding of fellow citizens, colleagues, neighbours. That’s why we are grateful to colleagues from Hemofarm who recognize the importance of solidarity and empathy to these people’, said Suzana Đorđević, Director of Hemofarm Foundation.

About 5 tons of plastic caps have to be collected in order to be able to buy one new wheelchair, therefore the key to success of this drive is to include as many people as possible and its unlimited duration.

Zoran Martinov, coordinator of the drive ‘Cap for Handicap’ says that up till now, several disability aids have been bought for the members of the Association who cannot afford it, out of the funds raised through recycling of caps.

Thanks to Hemofarm Foundation and promotion of this drive, we have covered the whole Serbia. We have somehow managed to involve the people in two ways. First, a large number of them realized that you can be solidary and human with the minimum effort. Secondly, but not less important is raising awareness about the significance of environment protection and recycling’, said Martinov.

Since the beginning of the drive in 2013, 17 active-easy wheelchairs, 8 room wheelchairs, 4 walkers as well as high number of other aids have been bought thanks to collected caps.