The Status of Authorized Business Entity Granted to Hemofarm
17. April 2015.
The Serbian Customs Administration has announced that Hemofarm is the first company which gained the status of the authorized business entity that is granted to companies which represent a reliable and proven partner.

Five companies in total have filed an application for approval of the authorized business entity status so far, and the Decision on granting the status to our company was passed on April 01st.

As emphasized by the Customs Administration, Hemofarm is now recognized as a reliable partner in the Serbian customs area. In support to the development of the Serbian economy, the Customs Administration will keep on issuing approvals for application of simplified customs procedures to companies which operate in good faith and pursuant to the law, which enables their more efficient and cost-effective operation. All simplifications are not the same because most companies which operate in Serbia are not technically prepared for sophisticated simplifications which became applicable in the local market with the introduction of the European standards. It is also the case with the status of the authorized business entity which cannot be granted to anyone, but only to the company which passed rigorous control of all segments of operation and for which it was concluded that it has adopted strict European standards, and is capable to guarantee safety in production, storage, and distribution of goods.

Companies, which are granted the status of the authorized business entity by the Customs Administration, represent a reliable partner and for that reason use a larger number of benefits in the customs procedure.