Relay Races of Hemofarm in Humanitarian Mission
16. April 2015.
Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation, as exclusive partners of 28th SuisseGas Belgrade Marathon, continue promoting the proper values also this year.

Under the slogan of the national campaign WHOLEHERTEDLY, Hemofarm invites people to support strengthening of collective spirit and solidarity through the humanitarian SMS action for continuing refurbishment of the children’s theatre ‘Boško Buha’. The number is 3088 for all three networks. Price per message is RSD 100, and the entire income is earmarked for renovation of the theatre. The employees of Hemofarm run in the corporate relay race for promoting the humanitarian action this year as well. The actors of the theatre ‘Boško Buha’ will cheer them during the race.

Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation strongly support the Belgrade Marathon also this year. As this is the greatest promotion of health and healthy lifestyle, we consider it natural to be the partners. Collective running also inspires the sense of unity, with compassion and empathy as the most important segments thereof. Therefore, in Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation, we have found one more – humane reason to participate in everything. We have launched the SMS number 3088 as a support to continuation of renovation of the theatre ‘Boško Buha’, and the greatest ambassadors of this action will be my colleagues from Hemofarm, who will compete in the corporate relay race’, Sanda Savić, Director of Hemofarm Corporate Affairs and Communications, said.

Seven teams – three male and four combined teams, including also the ladies experienced in marathon racing – will represent the company Hemofarm at the Belgrade marathon on Saturday, 18th April, within the Corporate Championship of Serbia. Hemofarm will have one more prominent representative in the ‘satisfaction race’, the state champion and winner of medals in sprint races Aleksandar Popović, Non-European Markets Sales Director.

Professional masseurs and doctors from Voždovac Health Centre will be available to all participants in the marathon in Hemofarm’s tent on Nikola Pašić Square.

Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation invite all citizens to join the largest health-awareness event in the country, and at the same time also to wholeheartedly support the theatre ‘Boško Buha’ by sending SMS massage to the number 3088.