CEO of Hemofarm Visited ‘Career Days’
11. March 2015.
CEO of Hemofarm, Ronald Seeliger, visited the job fair ‘Career Days’ where he spoke to the present students, together with colleagues from the Human Resources Division.

At the workshop organized during the job fair where divisions and work system in Hemofarm were presented, Ronald Seeliger said to the students that it was very important for the young people to get direct information about what the potential employers expected from them, both with regard to team work and all other aspects of business operations.

In the earlier days, when I was a student, the practice of holding such fairs enabled the students to get the insight into what the company could offer them as well as to get to know in which way it operated. I am glad that the students showed great interest in working with Hemofarm, because it proves that we have been recognized as a good employer, what we are. We are responsible company which invests constantly in people, because employees are our most important resource’, said Ronald Seeliger, reminding that Hemofarm has recently hired 165 employees, mostly in Vršac and Šabac.

Students had a chance to get significant information on production processes and business procedures in Hemofarm directly from the representatives of different divisions.

This year’s 21st in a row fair ‘Career Days’ which has been traditionally initiated by the student organization AISEC, has been visited by about 2,000 young people who left their CVs in electronic data bases of companies.

Last year, AISEC did a research the results of which showed that Hemofarm was, by the students’ choice, one of the most desirable employers in Serbia, because, apart from the regular salary, the young people also need to have possibilities for advancement and training, good working conditions, cherishing team spirit and positive atmosphere, which are the criteria that our company certainly meets.