Successful Beginning of the Drive: Cap for Handicap
06. March 2015.
Employees of Hemofarm, Hemofarm Foundation and STADA IT Solutions in Serbia have WHOLEHEARTEDLY collected approximately 13kg of PET packaging material caps in the drive Cap for Handicap within only two weeks.

Let us remind you that Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation have joined the drive Cap for Handicap, which was initiated by the Association of Paraplegics of South Banat, with an aim to purchase the necessary wheelchairs for disabled persons by the money raised from plastic caps recycling.

The successful beginning of the humanitarian drive is best illustrated by the information that a single cap is slightly heavier than one gramme, and many employees bring caps from home, demonstrating in practice social responsibility of Hemofarm and identifying themselves with the Hemofarm Foundation national campaign WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

In cooperation with companies, schools and organizations, the Association of Paraplegics of South Banat has purchased 14 wheelchairs and 10 anti-decubitus mattresses since the beginning of the drive in 2012.