First Children's Health Festival started In Belgrade
28. February 2015.
The first Children’s Health Festival, a unique event which promotes the health of our youngest in a very interesting way, has started in Belgrade today.

The festival mascots, Super Moćko and Super Beti as well as Beba stork from Hemofarm’s syrup range ‘Lekovito carstvo’ will teach all present children how to preserve their health even better through exceptionally interesting animations in the next two days.

On the other hand, parents will be able to resolve all doubts and obtain professional advice on the health of their children from pediatricians and doctors specialists at one place. Dr. Nada Macura, Belgrade Emergency Service spokeswoman, has also addressed the audience at the opening ceremony and told children to take care about their hair, teeth, to maintain hand care, to sleep as much as possible, to move a lot and live in the childhood kingdom as long as possible.

This Festival has also been supported by Hemofarm, which has been focused on children’s education about the importance of prevention and adequate treatment for already a number of years. ‘Generations of children have grown up with Hemofarm products and that is why, in addition to providing top quality products, we remain committed to teaching children to cherish health culture and healthy approach to life in a funny way. We are always looking forward to the opportunity to support events such as Children’s Health Festival which teach the youngest about health culture because together with doctors who take care about children’s health, we are always here for children and their parents’, Sanda Savić, Director of Hemofarm Corporate Affairs and Communications, said.

All additional information on this event can be found in the official facebook page