Hemofarm Recognized as the Most Responsible Company in the South Banat Region
10. December 2014.
By the decision of the expert jury, Hemofarm is the winner of a prestigious recognition ‘Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ as the most socially responsible company in the South Banat region for 2014, whereby it repeatedly confirmed the contribution to development of community and its employees, who represent one of the most important resources. 

It is not the first time for Hemofarm to be rewarded for corporate responsibility. For the sake of reminder, our company was the winner of the national reward for corporate social responsibility granted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce last year.

Social responsibility is one of the strategic directions of the company Hemofarm and our vision is to become the synonym of a continuous and essential contribution to development and improvement of the society. We have been responsibly operating and supplying both local and international markets for more than half a century. We care, every day, about our employees, environment, as well as about the preservation of natural resources. The fact that Hemofarm is the first pharmaceutical company and one of only five companies in Serbia which published the certified Sustainable Development Report, recording the highest level of the standard in the region for the second year in a row, speaks in favour of the operation in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In the synergy with Hemofarm Foundation, which has entered the third decade of operation and launched the new campaign WHOLEHEARTEDLY, we will continue investing in key projects in healthcare, culture and affirmation of young people, because we want to contribute to development of a sound society, Natalija Popović, Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development, stated.

This prestigious reward has been presented since 2000 within the project ‘Way to the Top’, with the aim of affirmation of entrepreneurial values, creative endeavour and corporate social responsibility. Project holders are Medija Invent Agency from Novi Sad and University of Novi Sad, with the support Serbian chambers of commerce.