Hemofarm's Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac marked 20 years of work
28. February 2014.
Hemofarm's Antibiotics Plant in Dubovac marked today two decades of successful work. Last year, this plant achieved a record-breaking production with 118M units and over 10M packs of end products! 

'When it started operating, Hemofarm only produced capsules in Dubovac. Nowadays, on over 1,500 square meters, we produce hard gelatin capsules, film coated tablets and dry suspensions, i.e. antibiotics in three forms, with the annual capacity of 160M capsules, 40M film coated tablets and 7.5M of bottles of dry syrups. Since 2006, Dubovac has a GMP standard as a precondition for export to foreign markets, primarily countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and former SFRY countries. Also, it has a confirmation of safety, quality and security of all of our products,' said Dušan Sefčik, Manager of Hemofarm's plant in Dubovac. 

Together with Hemofarm's management members, employees in Dubovac marked an important jubilee.

 'Last year, Hemofarm achieved impressive results in the very turbulent market. Its production set an all-time record of over 200M packs. We have also recorded a sales growth of 10%, increased the sale of prescription medicines by 30%, affirmed our leading position in the Serbian pharmaceutical market and improved our position within STADA Group. The investments of STADA Group in Dubovac in the previous period contributed to the improvement of infrastructure and also of production processes and procedures in this plant. I am sure that this year, which will be even more challenging than the previous one, we will increase our share in domestic and international markets,' said Ronald Seelinger, CEO of Hemofarm. 

The plant was opened in 1994, and it is precisely in Dubovac, former Yugoslavia, where the first clean rooms were installed – production premises with clearly standardized type of walls, floors, ceilings, air-conditioning, air filtration, lighting and quality of production equipment. The production line for penicillin antibiotics was harmonized from the very start with EU standards of operations of this type of facilities. According to GMP standards and strict procedures for production of penicillin antibiotics, the plant had to be moved away from Vršac and production of other medicines. 

About Hemofarm 

Hemofarm is the leading company in domestic pharmaceutical market, the biggest exporter of medicines from Serbia and among top 5 exporters from the country. It was founded on June 1, 1960 in Vršac, where its biggest production complex is located. Since 2006, it has been a member of German STADA Group, the 5th largest generic company in the global rankings. Besides Vršac and Dubovac, Hemofarm has modern factories, complied with GMP standards, in Šabac, Podgorica and Banja Luka. Hemofarm is producing medicines from 14 pharmacotherapy groups based on the ATC classification, and its large portfolio covers all the pharmaceutical forms. Complying with all the requested international standards enabled Hemofarm to be the first factory in this part of Europe that received the GMP certificate. Last year, it exported products worth 157.8M euros to over 30 countries, and over 50% of its production of solid dosage forms was sold in the EU market.