Support to local community
16. March 2011.
In spite of numerous economic problems,Hemofarm continues implementing corporate responsibility policy also in this year, with the whole-hearted support of its parent company STADA Group. Thus, on March 15th, Chairman of the Executive Board of STADA Group, Hartmut Retzlaff, presented another donation to the local self-government – the check worth EUR 100,000.

‘There is small number of towns which have such a good development path, and such cultural and multicultural features as Vršac, and when STADA performed the takeover of Hemofarm, it partly also took over the responsibility towards the Municipality’, Chairman of the Executive Board of STADA Group, Hartmut Retzlaff, said in the discussions with the representatives of local selfgovernment.

Last year, which was not a successful year for Hemofarm, EUR 50,000 was donated to the Municipality, and by presenting the check worth EUR 100,000, STADA showed continuity of corporate responsibility towards the environment in the best possible manner.

‘As the results of Hemofarm in the first two months this year significantly exceed the 2010 result, we wanted to place EUR 100,000 at the disposal of the Municipality, thus contributing to the quality of life’, Hartmut Retzlaff said.

-We also want the politics to be friendly with local companies and to support local manufacturers, such as Hemofarm and Galenika, and not to impose compulsory rebate of 10 percent on them. We present this check also as a symbolic gesture and signal to the Government to stimulate local industry and enable more stable conditions for local economy, and in such circumstances, STADA is ready to continue financing Hemofarm in million digits. The donation worth EUR 100,00 will certainly come in handy to local selfgovernment. A half of funds, as the Mayor Čedomir Živković said, will be directed to the Social Welfare Center as the support to the most needing citizens of the Municipality, while the other half of funds will be earmarked for the reconstruction of the Municipal Library which has been waited for, for years. Hemofarm Executive Board Members and a part of management were also present at the donation ceremony.

After presenting the donation to the Municipality, the Chairman of the Executive Board of STADA Group, Hartmut Retzlaff, with the Managing Director, Wolfram Heinisch, held a short meeting with associates, the narrowest circle of Hemofarm’s management, at which further development course and expectations for achieving the set plans by the management through team work, have been discussed.