Another official Certificate of Compliance with the highest world standards
28. November 2013.
Hemofarm has been granted another official Certificate of Compliance with the highest world standards of the occupational safety and health management system!

In addition, our company has successfully completed also recertification of the environmental protection management system.

Eminent Swiss certification company SGS, accredited for certification and surveillance of integrated management systems, extended the ISO 14001:2004 system certification to Hemofarm in the recertification process, and granted a new certificate, the highest industry standard in the area of occupational safety and health OHSAS18001:2007.

After of detailed audits of all segments of company operation subject to the highest standards and requirements in the area of environment protection and occupational safety and health, the certification company SGS, with its competent team of 8 auditors and experts, confirmed that Hemofarm AD meets the proclaimed standards in its plants in Vršac and Dubovac and due to shown exceptional results, SGS gives recommendations with great pleasure for extension of the Certificate ISO 14001 and grants a new Certificate OHSAS 18001.

Successful completion of SGS inspection has a special significance regarding the fact that quality and compliance with the standards prescribed and confirmed by the most rigorous regulatory authorities represent an indicator of company’s success.

This great result relies on true dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of all members of General Affairs Division with the full support of all other functions, especially Technical Operations and Warehouse Service and all others, which once again confirmed that Hemofarm AD occupies the highest position among the top manufacturers in one of the most demanding and most controlled industries in the world.