Another Recognition for Hemofarm
26. April 2013.
SUPERBRAND SERBA in the category of pharmaceutical industry is yet another in a string of awards Hemofarm received following a detailed analysis carried out by the Superbrands Council, consisting of leading experts in the fields of marketing, economy and media.

The criteria for obtaining the SUPERBRANDS SERBIA status are founded in the three principal characteristics of a brand, such as recognisability and reputation, lasting consistency and reliability, as well as corporate and social responsibility.

The SUPERBRANDS award has been the crown of our All the Best corporate campaign, the objective of which is to present Hemofarm in another light, with a new brand identity, visually refreshed, and also to demonstrate that Hemofarm is not only a manufacturer of quality and yet affordable medicines and pharmaceutical products, but also a company which cares for people and which strives to improve the overall quality of life of each individual, said Natalija Popović, Director of Communications of Hemofarm.

This is the third award Hemofarm received in 2013 and the fourth in the past five months. In April this year, Hemofarm received the award for corporate social responsibility from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the award for contribution to the overall development of the economy of Vojvodina and entire Serbia, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina.

The Superbrands is a licensed programme established in the UK in 1994 and it is the leading platform in the world for promotion of brands. This program started in Serbia six years ago, with the aim of determining the strongest corporate brands in Serbia. The Superbrands institution is a proof of success and it has been embraced in over 90 countries worldwide as an independent authority and arbiter in evaluating the success of a brand.